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March 04, 2008



Good luck! I feel like I'm never finished. Like there is one more thing to do. And I'm still in an apartment :)


Oh good luck!


Awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product!


I never reach the end of my home makeovers because I keep adding new ones. I have a couple planned for this summer. Including the master bath I've not finished yET!


This here list makes me tired. Remember what I told you at dinner? HIRE someone. :)


I really should do this too! Less than a month until we've been in our house a year....and I still have a hot pink room that's full of boxes! I'm thinking I'll wait until the summer so that I can actually find an hour at the end of the day to get something done around the house (teaching pre-k special ed is exhausting!).


It took me almost 3 years to fix up my condo the way I wanted it. And then I got bored and traded that sucker in for a house. :)

Girl, Dislocated

Because I followed along with your wedding planning, I have no doubt in my mind that you'll get most if not all of those things checked off your list by the end of the 3 weeks! So what if it takes a deadline, many people just don't get things done with or without a deadline.

And I'm so jealous of your 4 day drive. As soon as I buy a new car, I'm going on a 4 day drive somewhere, anywhere!


I TOTALLY feel you!! There is so much to do in this enorous hous of mine, I feel like I will never get anything done. And then, I look at my closets and furniture and realize, when the hell did all this stuff get put in my house? It is truly a never ending cycle!


Have you heard about 'The Cure' over at Apartment Therapy (

I have the book, and you're more than welcome to borrow it if you're interested!


Yay! I have a partner in my makeover! I have to admit I'm having a hard time on weeknights, ugh. Lots of cleaning. But this weekend I am vowing to get lots done.

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