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March 17, 2008



Happy e-anniversary! So glad you were able to celebrate with your hubby!

I notice the same thing about Google reader but I don't know the answer.


GR is sucking for me as well. The first post today came through super quick. The second one? Still hasn't shown up.

Also? Blog land seems to be dead today. Weirdness!


yes, it's being so annoying today. And happy anniversary! Sounds lovely.


Google Reader always decides to be a brat on a day as boring as today. I wish I could whip it into shape. Do the slow update on my busy days and the fast update on my slow days.

Operation Pink Herring

Reader takes forever to pick up my posts too. Which gives me time to go back and fix all the mistakes I find immediately after hitting publish.

While Joel was away this weekend, I ate cheerios for breakfast and dinner. Standing up in the kitchen. For lunch I had chocolate pancakes (at a restaurant). Then I ate a real meal of lasanga, at the table and everything for a second dinner. At 1am. That's how I'd eat all the time if I lived alone!


Sounds like a fabulous way to spend the weekend. And yay for Cobly being home :)


That's funny, that's exactly why I went back to short hair when I was living in Ireland. I'd do my hair to go out and then it would get pummeled by wind and rain and I'd be constantly pushing it out of my eyes that it just didn't seem to make sense. Ugh!

Sounds like the perfect anniversary-of-your-engagement weekend. :) (I can't even remember when my engagement weekend was - well, the date that is).

Take care and enjoy Colby-at-home. :)



Same Google reader problem here. We are so spoiled- remember back in olden days when you had to click on a blog to read it? Horrors.

Anyway, thank you for the kind comment on my blog. It is much appreciated.


Aww Happy Annivesary! The best weekends together are no plans, a couch, some blankets, and a good movie (no matter how much the men hate it)! I also heart strawberry shredded mini-wheats and yes, my google reader is driving me crazy!

They have billions, you think they could fix a teeny little glich- gessh!


Girlfriend, I almost called you to come over because BJ is out of town- but then I thought "hey- maybe I don't want ANYBODY to see the crap I eat when he's not here".

Looks like I didn't need to worry about that.

Glad Colby is home. I'll continue to be eating crap for another four days. Weeee haw!!!


Isn't it funny how when are men aren't around we revert back to singledom. Eating all kinds of crap just to get by. As soon as our men are back in the picture we are like Betty Crocker. I love it! Hope your Monday ended well. Happy e-anniversary!


I'm so glad he is safely home! And I agree with the others...a bit of couch time can sometimes be exactly what is needed!

L the D

Happy engagement anniversary! And I may have to hit you up for that chicken and rice recipe . . . I LOVE lime juice and I LOVE cheese, and my mouth started watering when I read it. Just a little. Mmmm . . .

Girl, Dislocated

That seriously sounds SO much more lovely than the whole poetry recital, angel singing, soul-gazing shindig. . .

So glad he's home safe!

Michelle & the City

glad you had some time to spend with colby! and it's funny, my dinners are exactly like that. simple (PB&J, mac & cheese) when i'm alone and more home-cooked when i head over to clancy's.

and the feed thing happens to my posts too. it is really annoying and i can't figure out what's doing it. i do realize though that the less i edit the post after i hit publish (sometimes i'll realize a spelling error or something) the faster it shows up in reader.

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