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March 21, 2008



Courage, dearie! Things are never as bad as we make them out to be! They have no reason to resent you; people move on from jobs all the time, and your reasons for leaving are perfectly legitimate! I'm sure it'll be fine. Kiss kiss!


I agree. It's not like you're disgruntled and have personal issues a bone to pick. You just have very practical, impersonal reasons. It is what it is.

And I think it's cool of you to quit BEFORE the vacation.



You will be so relieved when it is done, just remember, you are simply giving them infomation. Your time there is done. How they choose to respond to it is totally their perogative. They can choose to be angry and childish, but that does not mean that you are not doing the right thing. Hold your head high, you are doing what is best for you. It will be over soon. From one non-confrontational person to the other, all will be well!

Keep us posted!


Hey, not sure if you'll get this pre- or post-meeting, but I hope everything went well. Not that it matters, but I do think you are making a wise decision and I hope giving your notice will take some weight off your shoulders. Hugs!


Congrats on your decision. I know that must be tough.

Wow, I did the same thing...just don't call them for a few weeks and maybe it will all go away. Thats apparently how you end up with stalkers. Who knew.


Oh I hope everything went well. Know how I quit a job I had once? I was a manager at Pier 1 Imports and the boss and I were not meshing too well. She was a hypocrite and loved to put you down in front of customers, but if she did something that was not company policy she would try to hide it and cover it up. Well, I upset a customer because I didn't do as they wanted (it was against store policy and down right insane--they wanted a huge discount!) so they called her and complained. Mind you I had many many good "gold stars" from working there but that didn't matter. She wrote me up and as she was telling me why I told her I was leaving for the new job I was starting in less than two weeks. I know that's horrible, but she was horrible and I was threw. Her mouth fell open but still asked me to sign the write up form. LOL I don't think so. I took the form with me and clocked out. That's as close to I've ever come to just up and quitting or leaving. Otherwise I've never left on bad terms.

L the D

Everything will be OK! Just remember that you're not leaving on bad terms, and make sure you keep the meeting VERY professional. People quit all the time for a variety of reasons, and while it does stink, it can be done. Granted, I've only left one job voluntarily on good terms, but it was better than OK--they told me if I ever wanted to come back, was more than welcome to do so, and that they would miss me very much. Done, over, no hard feelings. It'll be just as good for you!!!



The deed is most likely done, but still: GO YOU! I hope you are on your fourth cocktail by the time you get this.


You can do it! (you probably already did, actually)


Didn't get to read this until just now--I hope things went well!


Just read this and I hope it all went well. I hate confrontation, too, and it sucks being in a situation like that. Hopefully, it will work out for the best.

Sending positive vibes your way...


It's gonna be OK. Can't wait to see you on Sunday!

Really, sweetheart, you're a good person and it will ALL work out. Promise!



Moments like that are hard. I hate it when I think everyone else can hear my heart pounding. I hope it all went well. Update when you can.

Have you nosed around in the WP forums? It seems like you own it and just have to click in the right place to get it to do what you want. Maybe you could renew/transfer it somewhere else?

Hang in there! :)


Glad it all wound up going smoothly for you and I'm sure that helped to have a great time last night!


I know it is done, because you are too tough to throw up or throw a computer. Hope it went well and that you feel amazingly relieved!

Fraulein N

Hope things went well!

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