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March 31, 2008



I can't believe you're going to Italy so soon! I hope those shoes are broken in!


Lucky girl! Going to Italy. Have a blast. I think you are going to need a little more time, just a bit, to be fluent in Italian. LOL!

Operation Pink Herring

Wow, that DID go by quickly! I love your to-do list, mine would look just like that, but with CLEAN THE HOUSE at the top (because I am crazy), and with things like TAKE SHOWER and WASH HAIR interspersed, just because I like to cross things off.

Prego, ciao, and gelato are the only words you need to know in Italy. There, now you can cross "learn Italian" off the list!

Michelle & the City

"if not fluent by Wednesday.."

yeah, good luck with that. hehe ;)

L the D

Ha! I have a Russian tutor in Seattle and an Italian language pocket guide with me here . . . not EXACTLY what you're looking for . . .

Have fun!!!! And eat pasta. And make sure you visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome (and then the shops nearby--so cute!). And playing "Count the Clergy" in Vatican City is actually pretty entertaining . . . well, at least my brother and I had fun playing it . . .


Bring a sweater and maybe a rain jacket. I can't imagine it being too warm right now. That said, it will be warmer than WA!

I'm pretty sure you don't need to know Italian, since your blonde. The Italians love blondes and no doubt will be hanging on your every English word. But bring a pocket guide and give it a go. Maybe Colby will surprise you, having practiced on his many nights away from you?

Have fun! I can't believe it's only 4 days away. It seems like that FLEW up. You are gonna LOVE IT!!!!

oh, and I did I mention I'm jealous?!


Congrats on your award AND get excited about Italia! I recommend the Rick Steves guide to the language because it'll get you into/out of any situation you could possibly end up in. (My friends and I read through it one day at lunch and passed by the conversation had at a bar and someone's first time, yeah).

A good thing about Italia is that you walk a lot. I didn't lose weight before I went and actually was OK with gaining a little pasta belly while there. When I got home, I learned I had lost about 15 pounds from all the walking. So you can eat all the good stuff because you'll walk (some) of it off.

Have fun!


I can't believe it is already here! I leave Friday to visit my family in Atlanta, but I already know there language. Don't stress too much before you go, everything will be fabulous even if your list is incomplete.


I swear I know the difference between "there" and "there," even though I was not the family English major.


Also handy: "Where is the bathroom?"


i'm so jealous you're going to italy so soon! that's so exciting!! can't wait to hear stories and see pics of course :)


I recommended listening to those "Learn to Speak Italian" CDs in your sleep. Save time during the day!


I had a dream last night about a passport mix up. I was racing around Philly trying to get one so I could go on a family vacation. I don't even have any foreign trips planned. Hope yours is fabulous!


I am still in shock over the award thing!

I can't wait to see pics of Italy!!!

Are you going have guest bloggers when you are away?

Girl, Dislocated

Wow, time is FLYING!!! But you're right, passports, plane tickets and a hotel room are the major necessities, and as long as you pack some underwear, you're good!

Nice job with the "Spring Cleaning," and I love the 101 things!

Thanks for including me in the "Excellent" list! :)


My packing tutorial is some timely.

I don't know how to pack for long term trips. I did 6 weeks in Costa Rica once. It was a disaster!

Anonymous G're going to Italy in 3 days.


Like Anne, I'm jealous...but I'm so excited for you and will live vicariously through you and your plethora of photos that you will post upon your return.

Ah, Rome. So beautiful! I was there, let's see now...about a million years ago. It probably hasn't changed.

Order the Sangiovese. You won't be disappointed. And eat gelato every day. Twice, whenever possible.

Have a safe journey and a wonderful time!

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