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February 22, 2008



LOL!!!! that story is unbelievable. aaaaah my skin is crawling reading about lice.


What I wouldn't give to live in Ireland! Or hell! Just visit Ireland!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Oh my laws how I love Eddie, and for exactly all the reasons you stated. Dress to Kill is my most favorite and I cannot get my husband to appreciate it, so now I watch alone and laugh until I cry.

I'm often staking my claim at tables or in line with "No flag, not country. Can't have one."

You, I love. :)

Fraulein N

I love your answer to #8 -- "fully licensed," hee! I don't think I have enough faith to let Shane get things for me because I usually want a very specific brand and type of the item -- only I don't know what it's called, I just know it when I see it. I'm difficult that way.

Operation Pink Herring

That's a fabulous drinking story! This uh, "friend" of mine had a similar pot-induced freakout when the dialog to My Best Friend's Wedding started changing and she was convinced the characters had come to life.

Heather B.

1) Our blogs were born around the same time. Don't they grow up so fast?

2) Um, ew.


This was fun to read!

And don't worry, I'm hard at work typing up the answers to your fantastic questions!


Great post! I love reading the answers to your questions - nice way to find out about people! Have a great weekend!



Haha wow I absolutely love your drinking story, that is great. And very much an abroad adventure.

And my bf and I rival in college football teams, but we make it okay :)

happy weekend!

Girl, Dislocated

Hilarious drinking story! You guys were smart to go buy Rit, even if you weren't sure if the lice were real or a hallucination!

As soon as I move back into my own apartment I SOOO need to buy either a Gazelle or an elliptical machine. I need to tone the muscles in my legs so that my dislocations don't get worse, but I can't do anything that's going to kill my joints in the process... because that would kind of defeat my purpose.


That's a faboo drinking story with such an ew ending!

And my hubby? refuses to buy anything remotely feminine for :)

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