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February 20, 2008



Lee Pace is so precious. And yes, for reals with Chuck's wardrobe. Amazing!


This site has some cute vintage stuff I like:


so funny, I also buy about one CD per decade and when I do I must tell EVERYONE about it! I mean, it's newsworthy, right? A CD I want so much I actually, ya know, buy it?!?


My laptop bag is from Target too, haha.


I'm also completely hooked on the wardrobes in that show. I also wish I had a figure like Kristin Chenoweth, but that'll never happen. She's just too adorable for words.

I'm fascinated how they blend several genres at a time, not only with the wardrobes, but the cars, furniture, etc.

Sigh... I miss my shows!


Love the laptop bag! I got a cute new one for Christmas, and it makes my laptop happy to be well-dressed.

And, I agree about Chuck's wardrobe. Why does that dead girl have all the cute outfits?


That is a super cute bag. We got a computer case with our work laptops, but it weighs about 8 lbs empty, I don't know why. So I carry around my 'puter in my backpack, because I'm sure it's better for me. But now I'm trying to look more professional and grown up and wear more suits and the backpack does nothing for their shoulders. I look like a college debater.

Also love Pushing Daisies (it's not back yet, is it?).

Am fascinated by the name Edwina.


I really LOVE that bag! Hmm... I know I don't need another one, but now I'm sorely tempted!

Fraulein N

You just listed two of my favorite things about Pushing Daisies. Also: Kristen Chenoweth. And Chi McBride. And Jim Dale's narration. And ... okay, I'll stop. But I heart that show SO MUCH.

I must check out Edwina Hayes when I get home.


I might be the only person who doesn't watch Pushing Daisies, but I do love the fabulous looking laptop bag! :-)


Hi there, found you through Michelle & the City. I have been on the hunt for a laptop bag and I think you've found the one! Thanks! :)
P.S. I am a GWTW fan so I love your blog title! I actually named my chihuahua Lolita (Lola) Scarlett O'Hara because she acts just like Scarlett :)


You have such fabulous taste. I am off to cehck out Edwina on MySpace, now. I have no fear.

Also, I find "saving" to be highly overrated. We're headed into a recession, anyway. Go buy a gorgeous hat while you're money's still worth something!

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