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February 12, 2008


L the D

Sounds like a fun weekend . . . and very similar to mine. Just swap Vegas for New York and add in playing Barbies for fifty million hours and I think you've got it.


Just think now you have an entire extra day this weekend to get all those things you really didn't want to do. Imagine how cranky you would be if you had to squeeze it all in by Sunday. ;-)


Uh yeah, it will be three years this May since my wedding and I still haven't picked out the pictures for the album. :)


You are WAY more on top of it than I am!


That's just about as exciting as every single one of my weekends. We're awesome!!



Yep, I'm a list-checker-offer. I like lists and I like checking stuff off. That's a good list and full of things that I would most likely procrastinate on. :) At least you don't have to add 'Finish helping child scribble on Valentine's Day cards to daycare class'. Like they will even know what Valentine's Day is!!!


The Incubator

Wow -- my little girl lives in a far away land that actually observes President's Day as something other than a White Sale at the local mall??? I think I shall go lie down now. I have not been able to celebrate a President since I moved to the land of magnolias and cotton!

Larissa thank you's!

I knew there wasn't a chance that my husband was going to be of much help with that, so I finished those within 2 months of the wedding. Tip: have a galss of wine, turn on some music, and just finish those suckers :)


Can I tell you something horrible? I only wrote thank you's to family members. I still feel terrible about it but now I think it's too late to go and write the others. Oh well :)

Fraulein N

You are one wild and crazy woman. Don't go having too much fun, now.

Princess Extraordinaire

I am a list-a-holic! Nothing gets done around her wihtout a good list being drawn up first!I am sorry your hubby won't be home for V-day - it sounds like your thre day weekend is completley booked and that you're going to be getting a load of stuff done - just think how great you'll feel on Monday!


I'm taking Friday off and not planning a THING over the four day weekend. I'm so excited to stare at walls, I can hardly contain myself.

I've downloaded 4 books onto my lil' device and plan to read most of them.

All whilst George Clooney is rubbing my back and feeding me dark chocolate.

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