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February 06, 2008



Oh how I am seriously loving the Regina heel! I cannot wait to hear how you like them...if I can wait that long before ordering them myself!

How sweet of the company to contact you. I'm sold!


All of these shoes will be broken in before you go to Italy, right? I'd hate for you to have to hobble around b/c of the blisters.


I've heard only awesome things about the comice shoe. And it comes in so many colors!

But I'm dying about the shoe company calling you and SENDING YOU SHOES! Ahhh! Could something like that please happen to me?


This is a fabulous idea . . . can't wait to find out which shoes you select.


I love shoes. They just make me so happy.

Fraulein N

Damn you. Damn you for showing me cute shoes. :-) I am in love with the Arye in champagne leather. I need to get away from wearing black shoes so much. Yes, please tell us if these shoes are comfy; I'm desperate to find heels that don't kill my feet.

And in case anyone from the shoe company is reading this: I like shoes! I will review them for you!

(What? I have no shame.)


Shoes! I read your other post and looked at the pictures and somehow got sidetracked and never offered my opinion. I'm so glad your part 2 jogged my memory. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE those Skechers. I have a pair made almost just like the first pair with the thin elastic strap. They are very comfortable. I wore them yesterday and had happy feet after an entire day of walking around in circles. My friend that I went along with as a 'shoe consultant' bought the pair with a wide strap. They were even more awesome than the pair I just bought. I found them for her and like to take credit for the match-up. I have a pair of privos, but haven't been that happy with them. The heel thingy that sorta sticks up hits me at the wrong place and hurts. How nice that they are sending you the shoes! Will blog for shoes eh? ;)


I just bought a pair of Clarks last week that are very similar to the Swan. I bought them at Famous Footwear, so I think they may have been last season because I can't seem to find them on the Clark's website. But, they are so super comfortable and really support my foot. I really wanted a flat that was cute and could be worn with dresses but also that was simple enough to wear with just a plain top and jeans. I love them and I hope the shoe you choose treats your toes as well as these have treated mine!!


I love you to pieces, but I really don't get the shoe thing. That gene skipped a generation or something. I am curious about the results. Perhaps I will be persuaded to purchase some shoes that will greatly increase the cute factor in my closet if you can find something comfy enough.

Anonymous G

Geesh, I guess ya' gotta move fast around here! I didn't get to give you my opinions in the first round.

Can I vote now?

Category 1 : Indigo (clarks)
They've got to be comfortable - they're Clarks and they'll go with everything and they're adorable!

Category 2: Privo Comice.
I dunno why, but I just think these shoes are so cute! In a funky earthy, but not (heaven forbid i know how much you loathe them) tevas.

Category 3: While the Ecco Basel T-Strap is pretty, is it comfortable?
The Sofft heel is very cute and practically guaranteed to be comfortable.
But, OMG - I can NOT believe they contacted you! Through this blog! And they're sending you shoes!!!! O.M.G.!!!!

Life Info Zone

Excellent post!!Really njoyed ur blog buddy,all these shoes look adorable,fabulous...Thanks for sharing information with us.
keep up the work.


I wish I would have listened to my MIL about shoes before we went to Italy. Those cobblestones are treacherous for someone that mainly owns platform-type shoes! Even so, I managed to NOT bonk my head on that trip. ;)

I love all of those shoes. It would be hard to send back any of them.

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