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February 01, 2008



That is soooo exciting!!!! Congratulations :)

And omg italy? Sooo jealous!! where in italy are you going? I went last year and loooooooooved it. Can you smuggle me in your suitcase? :)

Have a fabulous weekend!


Woo hoo! It must be so great to see YOUR writing published!

We renewed our passports earlier this month and including shipping it only took 2 weeks. I was flabbergasted. I understand it is better to be safe than sorry though, especially if Colby doesn't phsyically have his anymore.

Enjoy your weekend with Colby!


OK I just spent like an hour drooling over your wedding photos. My sister and I were walking around the French Quarter last week dreaming of getting married again but this time in Louisiana! You are gorgeous!! What a dreamy wedding!

Also, congrats on getting published! That's so amazing!!


Congratulations on getting published!!

How awesome that must be. :-)

On the passport note, I think you are doing the right thing even though I have heard from many people that they get it quickly regular way but since you said Colby's was stolen, they might need more time.

Ahhhh Italy!


Go you! That's amazing :)


YES!!!!! lost marathon and ITALY!! I am praying that everything goes through and that's where we'll be headed for our honeymoon! Make sure to take lots of pictures and report back!


I'm so proud I birthed you:) This is one of those many moments that has made the 28 hours of labor worth it!!!! But wait, I forgot that didn't I?

Old Warrior

Terrific - I still think "The Fall King" should be next. The Incubator suddenly came up with the perfect thing to get from Amazon with the gift card you sent me for Christmas. Can't think of anything I would rather have.


Congrats on being published and the first story of the book to boot! Too cool, you never know who's attention little things like that might grab :)


Congrats! That's so exciting!


That is just so f%^&&ing awesome about your story getting published, I can't even tell you how happy I am for you. I'd say that 90% of the people out here do not have the guts to do what you did (send in your story) and that alone is deserving of applause!! You rock!

I'm thrilled for you heading to Italy, that's going to be a great trip! I hope you and Colby have a nice weekend snuggling up together and watching the tube.



That is SO exciting to be published! Congrats!


What an awesome post for your life!! Italy and YOUR FIRST BOOK!!! Ahhhh!!

Too much excitement!


So much excitement!

Anonymous G

This is FANTASTIC!!!!

I is soooo proud of you, Angela! :)


That is so exciting to see your name in print! Congratulations!!!


Awesome! Congratulations!!! :)

Michelle & the City

woohoo!! that is so exciting!

Operation Pink Herring

congratulations! That is so, so awesome.


That's FABULOUS news! Congratulations!!


Oh ANGELA! I'm so proud of you!!!!! As I wrote earlier, you truly do have a gift and I'm proud of you that you are daring to dream.

You have so many wonderful things ahead of you, and it's such a blessing for me to watch you blossom and grow.

I couldn't be more proud of you if you were one of my own kids.


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