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February 28, 2008




I think I'm going to cry.


"Titular." Heh heh.

If you can managed to get fired, severance and the dole can be nice. But then I guess you have all that 'splaining to do in your interviews.


I'm so envious of your ability to wear such cute clothes.

Michelle & the City

i'm so jealous that you'll be going to italy! the whole job misunderstanding was crazy, but i'm glad you are getting the time off. i think i would have flipped out if i were you, so you handled yourself really well.

and this zappo's thing? horrible. horrible i tell you. we should be able to get our shoes at a moment's notice. shouldn't we? lol


Wait. What?! No more overnight shipping?!

My heart is breaking right now. Seriously.

Fraulein N

Today can't be a day of mourning. You're going to Italy! In cute pants! Rejoicify!


It's sad, isn't it!?! No 110% price match guarantee at Zappos either! :(


Great pants, and that is crushing news about Zappos. I have been lurking around your blog waiting for the Great Shoe Quest results!


I agree about being crushed about the new Zappos policy. I wonder (ummm, I mean hope) if it will negatively affect their business in such a way that they bring it back.

Sad news- I have knives in my throat this morning and you spent a good 2.5 hours with me last night. Go buy some airborne and zicam. And then drink a lot of alcohol to get rid of the germs. :)


So maybe you WILL get them on time!

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