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February 15, 2008



Oh, man, I am so happy that my time on the Knot was message-board free! I can't even imagine trying to plan my wedding AND dealing with all those Krazees!


I love this! I never went on The Knot's message boards, but I admit to a morbid addiction to the Wedding of the Week slideshows. Still! Over two years later! What does that make me? Oh, yes. Pathetic.

I would love to see a spoof production with this type of tone, something like "Bridezillas in the Mist," where a low-toned explorer-type talks into a tape recorder about the bridezillas in their natural habitat:

"I call this one Sheba, as the other bridezillas regard her as queen. Oh, look! A newcomer! Let's observe."


Also-the day after your nuptials you will start getting emails from thenest. Thenest is more vicious than those pesky people who continually ask "when are you going to get pregnant?"


Oh my goodness, it's like a whole corner of the Internet I wasn't even aware of. The Knot message boards: comedy gold? I am meandering over to see what's what immediately!


I love everyone's wedding themed posts, they're so funny and entertaining. I love your names for the people on the boards, something I'll definitely look for when I get engaged, haha.


ok this was too funny! I pictured you saying it outloud with a British accent like you are on a National Geographic show. The knot always kinda scared me too!


Congrats to Jen! Woo hoo!

And I'm passing this good info on to my future DIL. Five more months to go!


Hey, I'll be honest... I like the Not Quite Engaged board on iVillage a LOT better than the newly engaged and crazy bridezilla boards. (And the LDR one has been pretty blah since all the old timers left.) Haven't ventured onto the Knot boards because I'm really not as into it as the rest of that website would like me to be. It's just one day, ya know?

Operation Pink Herring

This is so, so awesome. I created a login for the knot, but I didn't even know there WERE message boards! Clearly I have much to learn. And now I am prepared!


OH! I should have KNOWN you were a Knottie.

So was I. You missed one archtype: The AL. (Acronymn-lover.)

Her MOH made her ROFL when her BM screwed up the STDs by accident but her DF mailed them, anyway.

Warning: she's contagious. And the first time you mention "STD" and you're not referring to an unfortunate incident on spring break? You know your soul has been consumed by The Knot.


I love this! I'm getting married in June and I've been obsessed with the knot checklist. Actualyl I live by it. The greatest pleasure is checking something off and clicking "update." I tend to stay away from the message boards though and just look at the pretty pictures for inspiration LOL


RA directed me to your post and you are so right!! Too funny!!


This is my first time to your site, but made me laugh hysterically. LOVE IT.


Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.

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