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January 09, 2008



The same thing happened to me at the DMV - I had never signed my name before and as a result it looks like a 12 year old did it.

And that dress looks amazing on you. SO much better than the model - ewww.


I don't know if I'd be able to sell my wedding dress. I think I'd be sad :(

Thanks for stopping by and giving me some comment love. :)


Okay, so I'm still stuck on the fact that you have 27" hips -- I'm so jealous. I was larger than that, even in the 8th grade:)

It's always the little things that pile up that are harder to deal with than the real problems, maybe because we just don't see them coming? Plus, it sounds like the Seattle winter is hitting you just about now. If you ever need something to do on weekends with Colby being gone, just let me know...

Old Warrior

Don't forget that you have ANOTHER wedding dress here packed in nitrogen.

TODAY ONLY - Big Sale on Wedding Dresses!!!

There are even some great debutante pictures of you in it, if you want to share.


PayPal is so annoying. It took me, I swear, 50 tries to change my account number. I finally gave up and started a new account.

I'll be curious to hear your wedding dress selling experience. I'm thinking of selling mine.


I got my picture takn for my new work ID on a day I didn't know it was going to happen. I thought it was just "go get a physical" and my hair was in a ponytail so my head also looks like a watermelon with two chins.

I totally think they should give extra "do over" photos for these things. I mean we have to live with the for freaking ever!

I order the Universe to start working on the "Make Angela in an Excellent Mood Project" immediately.


No worries - I'm right there with you thinking how great a shopping trip would go be for you! Guess I'm an enabler!


Do you know how many times I had to re-read the words "selling my dress". I mean, WHAT?? Did you loose the "Kriger" in you at the DMV? Your not allowed to sell your dress - you are supposed to keep it in your closet for at least......FOREVER. What will you do when your little girl asks about your wedding dress?

I am only half joking, seriously, do you really want to part with your beautiful wedding dress?


I concur that Paypal is, indeed, the devil. Also? I heart shopping so much that it makes me want to cry. Only because now I can't shop, either, and I can't imagine how long it's going to be before I can buy a new pair of shoes. Sigh...


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