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January 02, 2008



Now THIS is freakin' brilliant. Don't be surprised if you catch me stealing it later this week!


2007 was a fabulous year for you and I'm sure 2008 will bring many great things, as well!

And just for the record, I laughed when I saw this entry, because I had absolutely no recollection that you reviewed the previous year this way. I went wayy back to my livejournal days to snag it for my blog, haha.

Operation Pink Herring

People who say "I'd be so bored if I didn't work"? I do not get them. Sure, maybe if I were in a full body cast and there was no such thing as TV, the internet, or books, THEN I'd be bored. Having all day free to do as I pleased... that doesn't sound bad to me at all. Except for the no money part.

Michelle & the City

2007 was obviously your year. You got married! :)


You've had quite the busy year! And it sounds like 2008 will be exciting for you too. Happy New Year! :)


Yay you are back!

What a busy year for you, and for me, it seems it did indeed flew by in a blink of an eye. :-)

Wish you a wonderful 2008!


Sounds like a pretty great year for you -- 2008 will probably seem boring (but in a good, possibly less stressful way). Glad you enjoyed your time off and got some R&R.


I'm glad you're back. If you're in SF for a little while, you should swing south for a visit! I'll show you the...suburbs.

I feel like I was reading your 2006 recap only yesterday.

Anonymous G

Happy New Year, my lovely little friend!

I'm quite sure that 2008 has wonderful things in store for you.


**so great to see you again :-)

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