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January 16, 2008



Prepare for the lawsuit that is coming your way from my falling out of my chair laughing so hard at this.

Kidding, of course.

About the lawsuit, that is. Not the post. Because that's just about the funniest thing EVER.


We are all our own worst critics, even Emily Bronte had to have thought her own stuff was pure shit. :)


Ha! I love it. And I swear I didn't name my dog after her!

Ok, yes I totally did.


We are, by far, our own worst critics with everything! I think my photography sucks. I have no idea how to really use my camera yet and sometimes wonder why on earth I spent 4-digits on it and the lens...until I hear someone tell me how fantastic this one looks or how everyone loved that one. Keep on writing, even if you think it's sh!t, because most times it's probably those pieces that end up being the best :)

Fraulein N

Dude, can you imagine if Bronte had had access to the Internet? Angst City.


That book was the defining angsty novel of my 14-16 year old self. Swoon.

Heather B.

How crappy am I for saying that I've never read it? Or anything by any Bronte...

I'm going to literary hell aren't I?


This is ever so comforting. Ah, the pressure we feel to like famous crap.

AND, I too have never read Wuthering Heights. The cover just looks so boring.


You know what's funny? Is that Wuthering Heights has been on my mind a lot... why, may you ask? Well, I was looking at the musical Jane Eyre... and I was thinking... why don't they make Wuthering Heights into a musical? Much MUCH more fabulous than Jane Eyre (love the movie, never could get through the book)...

But Wuthering Heights is one of my very favorite grown up books... and I think it should be a musical... don't you?

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