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January 08, 2008



Ha ha! Isn't being drunk mom the best? Dogs are especially good pillows at about that time too.

I want cookies now. Damn you I thought I was done with Christmas cookies ;)


I love the drunk mom giving positive affirmations. It doesn't get much better than that!



I LOVE that purse!! So pretty! I carry a large purse too, because all of those things are necessities, I tell ya! I don't know how girls manage with clutches or small purses--ack!


Go Tigers!

Glad you had such a fun holiday. The first away from "home" was weird for me too, but ended up being good.

Anonymous G

That bag looks fabulous on you, Ang! I didn't really notice it until I looked at my pictures later. (I've got to send you the one of you and Colby and THE BAG!)

Too bad about the fireworks show, huh? Kind of anti-climactic... We sang a round of Old Lang Syne, put away our party toys and headed for beddy byebye.

Happy 2008!


You are full of holiday cheer (especially int he last photo!) :)

I do so love that bag - it's mega cute!

Michelle & the City

it's totally ok to still be filled with holiday cheer. it hasn't been THAT long! ;)

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