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January 14, 2008



I love it! It looks gorgeous! And that's a pretty good self portrait. Much better than anything I could ever pull off!


ooooh!!! you look amazing!!! i love it! the brown really make your eyes pop! love it!! <3


Love the new 'do!


I got a haircut yesterday too. Isn't it amazing the new lease on life you suddenly get?

And not that you asked, but might I recommend Pureology Blow Dry Amplifier? I've tried every volumizer known to man (including the one above) and I think it is the best, second to Frederic Fekkai.

Michelle & the City

cute new haircut! if you try that volumizer, let me know if it works. i have the same issues with thin hair and no volume. i tried a root lifting mousse which helped a little when blowdried but i'm curious what luck you have with that.


I really like the new hair! Its so shiny!


I love your new hair color!

Let me know on the voluminzer thing, my hair desperately needs it too. :-)


Love. The. Hair. It's FABULOUS!


Very, very cute! Good to find a perfect hairdresser, having moved recently, I know how hard that can be.


Cute! I like the darker look! Yay for finding a good hair dresser! Also, I use the Matrix products, wow, awesome stuff, I highly recommend them!


Oh I love the new cut. I like the darker hair too, I've never colored my hair but I always think it's amazing when other people do and it looks so good. Nice job!


You look fabulous! The cut is absolutely adorable and I'm really liking the color for a change, as well :) Love it!!

Anonymous G

LOVE it! It's really flattering and a nice change, but still YOU.



What a cute look! Has Colby seen it yet? He might not recognize his brunette wife. :)

Fraulein N

Love it!


LOVE IT! The hair looks fantastic on you!

But you take way too many photos in your office bathroom. Rumours will no doubt fly as to what you are really doing. lol


I like it! Very sleek. It is a major life event to find a great hairdresser. Hang on to him/her.



I bet you will find that now that you are brunette you can wear all sorts of different makeup colors. Have fun experimenting!


Good golly miss molly! You look so cute! I love the cut and the color!

Man, I haven't seen you since Christmas- that's just horrible! Well, I think I'm able to be more social now, so we'll fix that.


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