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January 10, 2008



Happy Delurking Day! I got desktop publishing software and the latest Sims 2 expansion pack. That made me smile. *Cough*Dork*Cough*


Happy Delurking Day! I got desktop publishing software and the latest Sims 2 expansion pack. That made me smile. *Cough*Dork*Cough*


hi! I'm delurking :) I love your blog :) Just fyi.


I just added you to my blogroll! I had to mainly b/c hello Wicked picture in your banner and Wicked and I are tight.

I fit nicely in luggage so if you feel like taking a stowaway on that amazing sounding trip...count me in!


Wow email response from Vatican?! That's very exciting! :-)

In my past 24 hours, let's see I got this wonderful gift yesterday by mail, Labello - lip gloss from Europe. It smells delicious!

I don't know why I waited so long (13 years) to get it, when Rob mentioned ebay last night, and tadaaa to my suprise there it was. I'm going to order a few different flavors! Very addicting! haha

Operation Pink Herring

Last night my cat took drugs and got stoned. i was very worried, but today it's just funny. Funny equals happy, right?


I've posted before, but I'll delurk anyways! Hi! Your trip to Italy sounds amazing, I'm quite jealous. And I love your blog :)


I was reading the 20something feed and decided to stop by.

Thank god, Grey's is new this week. The strike is killing me!


I hardly ever respond to your blogs (just typed blondes instead of blogs... what's up with that?) but I'm always reading!

I'm glad to hear God doesn't speak English very well... maybe he doesn't exactly understand EVERYTHING I say/do.

exciting past 24 hours stuff... um, four people have contacted me about buying the Buick!! Cross your fingers for me that one of them means biznass!

The Incubatora

Can Incubators be jealous of honeymoons? Long Sigh ----. Anyway, being of long Catholic decent, please note that on your tour you are not allowed to bring LARGE bags (danger), and you must wear proper attire. In my day this consisted of a kleenex bobby pinned smartly to the top of your head! I would like a photo of that!


Hi {waving incessantly} Delurking cuz it's the day to do so. Found your blog thru an Arkansas blog ring {? I think...can't really remember} Just moved to Ark from enjoying reading your blog...even if you aren't here anymore :)

Have a great day!

oh..and something that made me smile in the last 24 hours..hmmm...a nice wake up call this morning had me smiling for hours today ;)



Your trip sounds awesome!! And, can one read your short story without purchasing the book??

Michelle & the City

happy national delurking week!

and i got a few sweet texts this morning that made me smile :)


I thought Delurk Day was in September ...


Delurking...because I often lurk. Hmmm. Somthing that made me smile? Someone complimented me in a very nice way. Then I got all choked up and TEARED up. Damn hormones. But I did smile afterwards. :)


Ohhhh I want to move to Positano! My niece lives not far from there. I love it! And Sienna...sigh... beautiful. I'm jealous. I wanna go back to Italy! ;)


Isn't Positano where Diane Lane went to meet her hot dude in Under the Tuscan Sun? Your trip sounds amazing and I'm so envious! YOu crack me up -- an e-mail from God:)

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