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January 11, 2008



I'm so happy you get to see the sun! I go crazy when I go without for days.

Setting aside time for writing sounds like a great idea - you should definitely do it!

Happy Weekend!


Yay for the sun! It should make your weekend extra wonderful!


I cannot wait to see your hair!!! Best of luck!


I can't wait to see the before and after shots of you hair! I agree that setting aside writing time is a great idea and would be so worth it.
We have also been without sun for quite some time, I don't remember what it looks like and my plants are wilting. Sigh.


Oooh! I did that, too (got my hair cut and colored after the wedding) and I LOVED it. Of course, most of the color washed out after the first time I washed my hair, so that sucked balls, since I paid a stupid sum of money to do it professionally. But it was nice while it lasted.

Also, sorry for not delurking, yesterday, I was stranded at the airport in San Francisco. Grrr. But it made me happy to come home, and even happier to discover Moshi! I had no idea such yummy goodness existed.


Yay for haircuts! I hope you post pictures!


Blowouts always make me feel giddy.

I said BlowOUT.


oh i'm so excited to see your hair! i'm the same exact way when it comes to my hair, i never know what i'm going to end up with until i leave. :o)

yay for sunshine! i hope you get out and enjoy it this weekend! <3


Yipeee. I love new hair colors and styles!


Yay for sunshine, the new year, and all the wonderful posts I got to catch up on! I like this new regular posting thing you're doing . . .


Yay for sun and new hairstyles!


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