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January 24, 2008



I actually have had a dog hit by a speeding car. It happened right in front of me. But I cannot live without a dog and a couple months later I rescued my current dog. I love me some pound puppies. I'd take them all home if I could!


Awww...what a good person you are! I am not allowed to go on petfinder or anything like that because I end up crying over the poor dogs that need a home.

Michelle & the City

That is such a nice thing you did! I'm glad the story had a happy ending :)


This is such a sweet, inspiring story. It's people like you that keep my faith that there are good people out there!

I am a total dog lover too. :)

Old Warrior

Keep in mind that being soft-hearted doggy rescue people (like Muncle and Aunt Mimi) can end up with A LOT of precious lovable pups (7). How were Jack and Ellie with reeking of eau d` strange dog when you got home.


Oh the story was wonderful and it made my eyes all watery. I cringe everytime I see an animal on the road. :-(

I'm so glad you were able to safe that puppy, and help him find his home. Dog tags! I'm going to get one for my brother's adopted dog. Thank you for reminding me.


The very first husky we had was a dog we found walking along our street. We opened the door and he jumped right in, but he didn't have any tags and after a few days of searching, we ended up keeping him for many, many years.

I'm glad you were able to reunite this dog with his family, I'm sure it made you feel so good inside :)


Our dog was in a shelter for 3 years before we adopted him and every time we see shelters out in a mall or a pet store doing adoptions, it's all I can do not to start jamming animals into my coat and run out the door!

It makes me so happy that you brought Oliver home! It makes me all sniffly!


Yay that Oliver had a tag and was friendly!
I can say from experience that finding a lost dog is amazing. My old dog Sadie ran away for 6 days one time. She was a wandering spirit when she found me. I put up posters, went to the pound (heartbreaking!!!!!), and she finally drug her thirsty, stinky ass back onto the front porch--none the worse for wear. I coulda killed her!

Then Spencer wandered out of a hole in the fence and went on a mile and a half jaunt soon after we moved to Houston. A very nice lady found him and kept him in her yard all day until I got off work.

I'm very happy for all involved.

Anonymous G


I love doggies too. I have a kitty and love him to pieces...but we can't have a dog right now. No room. No time. It wouldn't be right.

someday. :)


The other day a dog ran in front of my car. Luckily I was able to stop. But I was so shaken up by it because 1) I could have killed him and 2) I knew that if I had hit him, I would have been a mess about it for months.


I also have an incredible weakness for animals, especially shelter doggies and kitties. My parents have 2 dogs and 4 cats, all from shelters (with the exception of one cat born in our barn) and every couple weeks my mom will call and tell me that one of the cats has been missing for days (its always the same one) and that to not expect to hope that he'll be ok. The first couple times i cried about it but then he kept coming back so now i just expect him to return. I hope thats always the case.


This was such a heartwarming post! I had a dog show up on my deck last summer, a gorgeous mutt named Pepper, and when we finally got a hold of his owner, he seemed angry at Pepper for running away and swatted his behind, and all I wanted to do was run after the car and kidnap Pepper!


I'm actually about to post about somethign that happened to my sister's dog when she got out and it didn't turn out as well. I wish I could say that my Reese never got out, but he unfortunately has, and I've been very lucky that people have been nice to call my number (it's on his collar) and I've rushed to come get him (usually I've been walking around hte neighborhood screaming his name by that point).

Operation Pink Herring

That's so wonderful. I have called the number on the tags of "lost" cats I find in the neighborhood several times. Each time the person has been amused or annoyed that i called and confirms that their cat is just an indoor/outdoor cat whose home is just a few blocks away, but I can't help it. you never know, they COULD be lost. And if it were one of mine, I'd want someone to make that call!

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