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January 03, 2008



Those seem like pretty reasonable resolutions. I've considered making some, but really, I'd just be happy if I made it through the year unscathed. Hmm. Is hitting the gym three times a week attainable? Hee. Happy new year!!!


Those sound like very grown up resolutions, and the fact that you have plans on how to actually do them makes it sound like they will work! I missed you on you hiatus. Glad you are back!

Michelle & the City

i agree! i think the honeymoon spending is a completely different category ;)

Girl, Dislocated

Italy spending totally deserves its own category--it's not like you go there every weekend or something!

And thanks for the inspiration, #2 doesn't sound so difficult when you put it that way!


I am super impressed with your resolutions! Mine mostly involve "getting out of bed every day" and taking it from there.


Fraulein N

I commend you for your very grown-up goals, but I agree that Italy definitely counts as "honeymoon spending." That's a special event, yes? Special event, special budget.


Hey! You're doing Proactiv? I watched about twenty minutes of those commercials over the holiday and was *thisclose* to picking up the phone. (Revelation: I didn't know P. Diddy had bad skin!) But I decided I needed to find a real person who'd tried it, rather than trust a celebrity endorser. (I'm so cynical!) What do you think of it? My favorite endorser was that random Asian girl who was like, I ran out of the house forgetting to put on makeup...and for once, it was just fine!


Oh, and everybody knows that travel exempts you from all resolutions. In my 100 purchase limit for 2008, I'm not counting anything bought on my trip to Thailand.


Yeah, I'd be happy if I was your left-hand finger as well -- you have a beautiful setting!

You're so right in how quickly the personal expenses for women add up, from hair cuts/color to waxing brows to dry cleaning to make-up and face stuff. I think I can do the $300 as long as it doesn't include a hair color. the hard part for me is when other peoples' events start costing me money (like three birthdays in two weeks when people want to go out) or when the dogs need stuff.

I like the idea of your cards b/c you're right in that they really dwindle down each year and now all we get are bills and junk! It was nice getting Xmas cards this month.


I love the birthday card resolution, I am so very bad at remembering those sorts of things.

OhOh I have an idea! Every dollar you don't use from your $300 goes to an Italy account! It might help you keep to your budget and give you more for your honeymoon!

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