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December 06, 2007


Fraulein N

I just like the fact that you did give it some thought, and that you have actual reasons for making the change. I find it weird when people just blindly make a decision which is kind of a big deal, really.

That's sweet, that you want little seven-year-old Angela to see her name in print. So cute, and I totally get it.


My brother was going to take his wife's name because her parents had no sons...ahem, thats OBE now that they're not together. I think its a good thing to consider and that you should keep it as a pen name just as you're doing :) I'm going in the opposite direction and am torn whether I should change mine back--and lose the last bit of that history.


I'm de-lurking to tell you that you are not crazy. I went through the same exact thing and a year and a half into marriage, I am still missing my maiden name at times. My old name was difficult to pronounce and spell and my new name is so much easier, but there are still times when I feel like I have lost my identity. I don't regret taking my husband's name, but there are still times when I string all my names together (even if it's not official) because I am proud of the name I used to have.

Janet in PA


No matter how you change your name, I don't care if you change it to Princess Consuela Bannana Hammock, you will always be a Kriger. I think you'll be surprised after you change your name how much Kriger will still be a part of your life.

Of course I'm not married and have no experience in this matter and I'm sure when I do I'll be freaking out ever more than you are. :)


I struggled with this, too. There aren't many people with my maiden name left and so I dropped my middle name (which is Lynn, how many Jennifer Lynns are there on Earth? A LOT.) and did the maiden name as middle name thing. I like the sound of your pen name, it has a good ring to it!

Girl, Dislocated

Back when I thought I was getting married to my now-ex, this was an important issue to me. I was ADAMANTLY set on keeping my name. I realize that may have something to do with the fact that I knew in my heart he was jerk, but even now that I know I won't be getting married anytime in the near future, I still feel strongly about it. If I ever get married, I might hyphenate my maiden name with my married name. Using your name as an example: Angela Maiden Name-New Last Name. It doesn't look like much of a difference, but for me the hyphen would put me more at ease... assure me that since the names are connected, my maiden name can't be left out and forgotten.

I hope it's not too forward of me to ask, and not that this should be the deciding factor, but what does Colby think? (Just being nosy and curious)


I didn't even think about it. I didn't want our kids to have a hyphenated name, plus my maiden name is AWFUL. I was so looking forward to getting rid of it.

But, years later, I sometimes I wish I'd kept it around. My new name is not the name I wanted to see in lights, plus it makes people think I'm a whole different ethnicity! I'd still make the same decision, but it is something I think about from time to time.

princess extraordinaire

You are so not crazy - when I got married it took me almost a year to change everything from my passport to my liscence as I was so connected to my maiden name. I am an author and I am pubished under my maiden name - and as you said, my family's heratige stops with me so I felt completely conflicted. I always knew I would change my name - I just never knew it would be so hard.


I did not change my name when Sweetheart and I got married. I asked how he felt about it and he said he didn't care. I had been Sophie Redhead for 41 years, and I didn't want to add anything new to my "to do" list. I have been amazed at how strongly people here in (very conservative) Houston have reacted. I actually had someone say, "You love him enough to sleep with him--love him enough to take his name." This was someone who I had known for 3 days. In Atlanta, it was fairly common not to take the name of one's husband. We are not going to have kids together, and his ex-wife still uses his name. It is not a simple thing for everyone, I'm glad you have given yourself some transition time.


In the end, it is just a name. You are still you.

That said, I am still having trouble adjusting to my new name. (Which makes me sound like an inverted candy bar, btw.) I kept my maiden name as my middle name. There's just so much history there (on both my maternal and paternal side) and DH doesn't even know who his great grandparents were. I couldn't get rid of that history, completely.


When I got married, I struggled with it as well, esp. since I thought his last name was even more difficult than mine and my first name honestly sounded better with my maiden name. But even if I get married a second time, I like the idea of having the same last name, even if we don't have kids, so I'll probably change it again (esp. since Ted's last name is so easy). Hyphenating is too long for me and it's confusing to others. No one really knows what to actually call you.


You are so NOT overthinking this. I get each and every point.

I took my first husband's name and gave it right back after the divorce. The only real accomplishments I had with that name are my two sons. ;)

I have had my maiden name for ummmm 32 years give or take. All of my professional accomplishments (and high school pranks)are linked to that name.

I know for sure that I'll take BJ's last name after I retire in 7 years and 1.5 months (not that I'm counting), but have toyed with doing it sooner. My last name is now only really important to me because of my career.


i don't think it's just a name. i can completely understand not wanting to let it go, it's a piece of you. i like the idea of keeping it when you publish stories so you can still see your maiden name in all its glory!


yeah, it's really hard, isn't it!!!!!!

I basically feel the same way. I recommend just letting yourself feel like it's a "process" and it's okay to take as much time as you need to adjust. I am still adjusting!

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