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December 17, 2007



I think that ranks up there with the worst Xmas party ever... at least I've never had to actually pay for my own food/drinks.

The Incubator

Cute Stuff -- so does that mean you don't want all that stuff you have up in the attic and all the other stuff carefully packed away in the closets here in the deep South:) When you guys are done up there, come clean out your stuff down here!

Girl, Dislocated

So glad to hear from you again! And I'm even more glad that this week is looking better!!!

P.S. I love love LOVE your new profile picture! Of course you look gorgeous, and the setting, the angle, and your pose make the picture even more awesome.


Wow, that party sucked. You had every right to be Grinchy. Those are fabulous wedding presents. I still regret not registering. ;)


The person that bought you those dishes is awesome! Which would, ironically, make you awesome, because you technically bought them, but what I meant to say was the person who gave you the money to buy them is awesome :)

Haha, glad you are feeling better! I still can't over your 11 day break at work - sounds like a pretty awesome job! I'm stuck having to work on Christmas Eve *and* NYE, eww!


You are one busy lady! But, um, I know the excitement of wedding gifts, and those photos certainly are fantastic!

Michelle & the City

i am LOVING those plates. and the new glasses came alcohol included right? ;)


Glad you are feeling better. Making some progress can be the world of difference.

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