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December 18, 2007



Most excellent! I love random acts like that.

Operation Pink Herring

That is so nice. An older couple made my day in Panera Bread this weekend by complimenting my cute little hat. I resolved to give out more compliments too!


What a wonderful act of kindness! Not to be all hippy dippy, but wouldn't the world be like a million times better if we could all do something that nice every day??



Wow. What an amazing complement! That's really neat.

Miss A

What an amazing compliment! I just... am speechless!!!


Gah! How sweet.

And, tangent: I just looked at your wedding photos and OMIGOD GORGEOUS. Love.

Becky nice -- and completely true:) I have to admit that it's kind of difficult for me to relay compliments like that to even my friends, I'm just not a verbally affectionate person, even though I know it goes so far. I tend to show my emotions/loyalty more in "doing."

Fraulein N

Awww, that was really nice. You deserve it.

Michelle & the City

wow. compliments from kind strangers would make anyone's day! so nice.

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