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December 21, 2007


Operation Pink Herring

That is a fabulous coat!

Happy belated birthday :) I'm about to turn 27, and I fear that means I've moved right on into the "late twenties" category! yikes.


Did I know it was your birthday? Did I miss it entirely? Egads. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful holiday and nice long mini vacation.



Holy cow! Where are you working and can I get a job there???

And just wait until you are closer to thirty than your mid-twenties. YIPPY SKIPPY.




Honestly, it feels like birthdays become more anti-climactic every year for me and even more so when they unfortunately fall on a week day. Adult Christmases (without neices/nephews around) do feel little strange, but at the same time, I've found them to be somewhat peaceful.

I hope you have a nice belated birthday weekend and holiday next week!


Happy Birthday! Your first as a Mrs....

And I forgot to vote earlier, but I vote for Lexie gray chocolate hair! However, I did LOVE your wedding hair, so all that growing out was worth it!


Happy Birthday!

I want to work where you work. Are they hiring lawyers?


Happy birthday sweety! And don't worry about not being in the 18-24 group anymore. It's when you're in the category with friends whose *kids* are in the 18-24 group that you're allowed to start freaking out. hehe


My goodness you snagged an amazingly awesome job! A massage? And an iPod touch? :) Oh and the coat, I /love/ the coat! I'm so glad Colby bought it for you, haha. *hugs* to you darling. Sometimes simple is good ;-)

Fraulein N

Happy Belated Birthday! Like Pink Herring, I'm about to be in my late twenties too. How'd that happen??


High Tea.

That is the answer to the female adult dilemma of "how to celebrate my own damn birthday with pretty things and tasty, over-sugar-y food."

I'm sure there is a tea place somewhere near you that serves high tea. Fancy hotel, maybe? Make a reservation, pressure some girlfriends to join, and have a blast.


Happy birthday! I make it a habit to never work on my birthday. Even if I don't have huge plans, I enjoy the freedom of knowing I can do whatever I want to do.

However, I never had a massage for me at work. I love your job.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous G



(LOVE the coat!)

Girl, Dislocated

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (And Merry Christmas too if you're not back before then)

Michelle & the City

happy belated birthday!!! sounds like it was wonderful. and being 25 isn't so bad... :)


I'm such a BAD fake mommy! I completely missed your birthday!

I hope you'll forgive me and let me take you to lunch when you're back in the office.

I'll even make them sing happy birthday to you (no, no I won't. I'm not THAT mean!)


Can't wait to see you tomorrow!


Happy belated everything! :)


Happy Belated Birthday! Still catching up on everything as fast as I can. By the way, I think you would be smashingly cute in that haircut you picked out. I also like the blonde, but definitely understand the high maintenance color problem. EH. How dark is your natural color? Mine is (surprise!) pitch black, as in suck in light, never sun bleaches, dark as a black hole black. Ugh. I would look like a witch or one of those EMO kids without highlights.


PS- although I felt like my youth was quickly slipping through my fingers in my mid-late 20's, I've found that once you near 30, you are a lot less focused on age and trying to figure out who you are, what your impact is, where you fit in, all those sorts of things. Because I'm a nerd, I thought of it as converting potential energy into kinetic energy. :) In other words, you'll spend less time worrying about where you're going (or trying to cling to where you've been) and more time enjoying where you are. :)


Happy belated birthday! And Merry Christmas...And Happy New Year! I know, a quarter century feels old. But then, look how much you've done in a quarter century! (heck, even this year) After 2 or 3 more quarter centuries you'll be exhausted!!!

Extreme scrabble, is that like scrabble where everyone makes their own words all at once and you pick more tiles from a pile in the middle? Because if it is that is just about my favorite game ever. We call it Speed Scrabble. Google Banagrams, someone is making a mint off of it.

Girl, Dislocated

Just dropping by to wish you a happy New Year! :)

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