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December 19, 2007


Fraulein N

I like that cut, but if you're worried about looking extra pale, maybe you'd want to go with something between blonde and brown.


I agree with Fraulein M - I'm pretty pale myself, and have very dark hair, and it takes a lot of makeup to look normal. In my case, at least. But I love the cut! It's very cute! And making me want to get my very own haircut!


I think a more golden-brown would be good, as opposed to chocolate, because the darkness could wash you out.
Definitely talk to your stylist about a color that won't highlight your paleness, if she's that expensive then she'd better have good advice, right?

and btw, who are you to be wishing for cheekbones?!!
from the pictures i've seen you've got a pretty enviable pair of them already!

(p.s. i kind of hate Lexie! why do they have to have her talk just like Meredith? i wish they would just make dr. bailey the main character!)


I love that haircut, too! I especially like how it's styled to be all "flippy" at the ends--that will solve the flat, lifeless hair problem, easy!

Color is so hard to figure out. I second the idea to talk it over with your stylist or a color specialist at the salon and voice your concerns. In the past I have asked for chocolate brown, and even within that, the choices are vast! There are a million undertones for brown, so I hope they can help you find the right one!

Make sure to take before and after pics!!

Princess Extraordinaire

I love her hair style and I thin it would make yor hair have more bounce and body - especaily with some light layering. Cute! I hate cystic acne - like yo uI have been blessed wiht a good complexion ,however, there are times when I awake to a cyst that is just not going to go away - my derm put me on some medicine and it's like magic - all gone! If you want any info feel fre to e-mail me!


I don't know if I am best to give hair advice, as you know my story. hehe

I just recently cut about 6 inches, and got lighter highlights, but not light enough like I would want but hey there is always the next time. And I am pale and pink in a very strange way. Hey a doctor once thought I was anemic by just looking at my eyes and see through skin. hehe

Anyway, I think that you shouldn't go too dark, but lighter shade of brown might look really good on you. And I love that hair style. Lexi is kind of growing on me, feeling kind of sad for the girl.


Okay, from one pale girl to another, I think I might even have you beat on skin tone ;-) I think the cut would look fabulous. It's a cute and bouncy sort of cute that would probably add a lot of body to your hair. As for color, I think I pull off brown fairly well and don't think it hinders my pale complexion at all. I've even done that dark chocolate brown you're talking about and I loved it! So, having said all that, I think you should go into your appointment with some pictures [cut and color] and if you have a good hair stylist, she will know what will look fabulous on you and will point you in the right direction!


1. Damn, you have a great figure. I love that picture of you and the gate up there.

2. I agree with all the remarks that you don't want to go Gothic. I was a victim of a black hair phase. It made my face look fat because it was like this glowing moon in a sky of black hair.'re not a blonde? Really? I agree with your thoughts that going darker would make your hair look thicker, adding color generally does just as a matter of physics. But as a matter of aesthetics, kind of a multicolor, layery approach - lowlights? - might give the illusion of more depth. I don't know if that would be more upkeep or less.

3. Would you look adorable as a redhead? Yes! You would!

4. How about hitting a wig store to try out cut & color options?

5. I like your chosen cut a lot, and the color. I like whatsername, Mandy Moore, way better with brown hair. Though you already said you're not interested in going shorter...what about Katie Holmes's new haircut & color? I like her hair now...but actually I also liked it one haircut ago, as well. I guess both would require lots of trims though.

6. Bummer about the grown up zits. Me too.

Anonymous G

FIRST of all, I am giggling loudly in a quiet room.

"Gross last paragraph, throw up, come back I need you HAIR". hahahahahaaaa!!

LOVE the haircut idea. The style is darling. Keep the swept bangs and have just a bit of a taper in front. So flattering.

Oh, and keep your lovely blonde color.

Girl, Dislocated

1. I'm the same way with compliments, pretty much any kind of compliment. I just don't see what they see. And of course, I get all red and start stuttering like an idiot. So I know from my own experience that arguing with you about how beautiful you are will do nothing to change what you see :-P

2. I like the cut, and I think it'll look even better with your side-swept bangs. I'm not too knowledgeable about hair color and skin tone combinations, but I think brown hair with some highlights or lowlights would look awesome. I'm sure the salon people could tell you exactly what shades will work with your complexion. I can't wait to see your new hair!


Btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You need to do a b-day post!

With your eyes, I'm almost thinking the Jennifer Aniston light brown color, rather than going Lexie Gray dark. You might not need to take off as much length as you think, but just cut in some more layers. Maybe?


"...on the morning train sound asleep with my mouth hanging open..."

Thank you. I love you so much more for saying this. I do this sometimes and god, it's embarrassing but I'm so dead tired, what else is there to do. I love the length of Lexie's hair, definitely. Not sure about the color.

Michelle & the City

I love the cut definitely. But you're so pretty as as a blonde!


Came by way of Becky to wish you a (now) belated Happy Birthday!!

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