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December 07, 2007



Puppy!! *Insert baby talk here*

Also, hi, I want that sewing machine. I'm convinced I'd make fabulous bags, never mind the fact that I don't know how to sew. Yet. :D


Aww, that puppy is so cute! How fun would a new fuzzball in the Blackwood house be?


HA... taking in a dart or a hem sounds real easy... but I just spent about 4 hours in the costume shop working on my dress. Which consisted of sewing a seam... ripping it out... sewing it again... ripping it out... sewing it again... yeah... and that's what I did yesterday too...

not so fun really


Aww, that puppy is so cute! How fun would a new fuzzball in the Blackwood house be?


Might want to check Craig's List for sewing machines gathering dust and spider webs from others who thought sewing was easy before committing to lost room space and future moving weight. Didn't you just empty the garage of "valuable stuff" that didn't fit from the last move? That antique you have in the loft now has done hundreds of darts and hems (not to mention whole dresses, pants, and shirts) in the past few decades. Just blow the dust and spiders webs off.


no.... new... dogs


Awwww! But, wait on that last one. Wait, I tell you. Have a few years of wedded bliss know, where you can jet off to Paris without having to find a kennel or someone to watch fluffy? Trust me on this one.

LOVE those sweaters! Unfortunately, my style sense does not match my body type--big boobs + 2-babies-behind-me gut = someone WILL ask me if I'm pregnant if I wear anything empire waisted or baby dollish. Sigh. OK, so I can live vicariously through you instead! Right? HA!


The puppy is adorable!! As for your sewing machine, I have that exact one. It's pretty nice, and the price wasn't too bad either, we got ours at Wallyworld. The one feature I love is the bobbin is visible from the top, so you don't have to worry or open it up to see if you have enough string to finish your project. Here's too a good weekend!


That puppy is SO cute! Here's hoping he finds his way under your tree!

Fraulein N

Puppy! I always think I want to take up sewing too ... and then I realize I have neither the patience nor the coordination it would require. I'd probably just end up hurting myself.

(Your book's in the mail, by the way.)


I bought my sewing machine when I couldn't find any curtains that I liked when I bought my first house. I have made some simple pants and skirts--as well as the curtains.

I adore that desk! It's going on my Christmas list now!

I'm gonna be the cat lady and you are going to be the dog lady. Be afraid,


I think that's the sewing machine that I have, but I'm too lazy to go look.

I LOVE that sweater. It would look darling on you (but then again- what wouldn't?)

You do NOT want another puppy. NO! NO! NO!

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