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December 03, 2007


Fraulein N

I'm glad your day went so well, and that you were able to relax enough to enjoy it.

Don't rightly remember if you blogged about this already, but are you going to be changing your last name?


The more I hear about it, the more I'm certain that you had a perfect wedding! So sweet!


Sounds perfect. Every last bit of it. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I've teared up more than a couple of times already.


Oh my goodness! That sounds so wonderful. You are now a married woman. Its weird right? And amazing, lots and lots of amazing.....


Sounds like a fabulous day -- who would've thought that you would literally have to put out any fires? ;)


What a beautiful and amazing wedding day!

Thank you for sharing your day with us. But one question, what song did Colby dance with his mom? Sorry, inquiring minds need to know.



What a wonderful time line! It'll be great to have this to look back and remember all of the minute details. I'm glad you had such a fantastic day!


Congratulations! Your pictures are wonderful.

Girl, Dislocated

I can't add anything to what's already been said--it was just perfect! I knew you'd filled your mishap quota in the days leading up to the wedding!

Oh, and I love the fact that you had the James Bond theme playing as you and Colby made your entrance! :D


OMG, that sounds so perfect! Wow, what an amazing night! It's like a fantasy . . .


*sigh* It looks like a royal wedding.

Inquiring minds also want to know whether you danced in your heels.


Okay, reading all this just made me tear up again! The pictures are gorgeous..everything was so perfect :)


What a great update of your big day! It's so nice that you were able to enjoy your family and friends on your special day. Hope married life is awesome. :)


I loved reading this. And your photos are lovely. Have I told you how much I love weddings? Haha. How's married life treating you? :)

flower girl dress

aww i must say you had a lovely wedding :-p
i enjoyed reading your story its preety much similar to mine , i have added your blog to my watch list .

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