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November 14, 2007



I've been checking the weather frequently too and geeze, I hadn't seen that coming :| If it's any consolation - I have never, ever trusted, because they have always been wrong! No reason to fear quite yet!

*huge hugs*

Can't wait to see you! Even if you do have a tinge of 'Zilla in you ;-)


Okaaaay...this is a buncha panic to me followed by a bigger buncha SQUEE!!!! I'm so excited for you. Don't worry about the weather -- you've lived here, you KNOW they are always wrong. So bummed about lunch, but we'll make up for it next visit!


Don't fret about the weather. The husband and I had an outdoor ceremony planned. It was the entire reason we chose our site fo the wedding. And we got married in Montana, quite a dry state. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day. Our wedding was suppose to start at 6:00 but since the rain starting pouring at 4:00, we finally started our ceremony at 7:00 when we realized that we only had the quartet for another hour. And wouldn't you know, the rain completely stopped at about 8:00. But really, it was just rain. And we still got married at the end of the day. So while I hope you don't get rain, make the most of it if you do. It will make some awesome photos outside if you do, seeing as how I have about a bazillion pictures that involve the rain on our wedding day!


I'm quite certain rain on a wedding is good luck. And anyway, how much more glossy and glamorous will your black limousine look when it's all wet?

Cut yourself a little slack at work, too. This is so exciting!


OK- it's only Wednesday, so the weather can just get the rain out of its system NOW.

Wow- you are organized!


Oi... I've been sending up prayer after prayer to the weather gods! It's just not fair... I really hope the storm that's here right now isn't what they're predicting in Baton Rouge for next week... but if it is--It'll be wonderful anyway! And don't forget to breathe!


weather can change at the drop of a hat. i wouldn't worry about it yet ;)

and you're coming so far on your to-do list!!


OK, I'm going to have to stop reading your blog until after the wedding, I think, because all of your last-minutes are going to be my last-minutes in a few short weeks. And while this is about YOU (yay you!!!! I'm so excited for you!), I'm starting to get freaked out too. But I keep forgetting to blog about it. Dang. Good luck with everything!!!


It's all going to be SO perfect, I can feel it! Don't worry about any of the little tiny things - it's just about you and Colby being together!


SAME EXACT thing happened to me. Accuweather went from "Sunny 60/70 degrees" to "FREEZING AND RAIN, SUCKA!" about four days out from my wedding. I was so bummed. And it did, actually, rain, but I insisted on having it outside, anyway, so we broke out a ton of umbrellas, and the second I walked down the aisle the clouds parted, the rain stopped, and a ray of sunshine came through. People are STILL talking about it, and the pictures look AMAZING with all the dramatic colors. You never know how it will turn out!


Omg I am nervious with you! Ahhhh this is awfully very close now! In less than 10 days you are going to walk down the aisle!!!

I can't believe the time is almost here. And hey, don't fear about the weather yet there is still plenty of time for weather changes! And even if it rains, it can be beautiful too, heck you are getting married nothing can beat that!


princess extraordinaire

You're right. They can't predict 10 days out so try not to either even though I know it's impossible not to. You're doing a magnificent job of handling all the stress and Colby seems to be in good spirits so try and relax a little. How about a massage? I know I know..I'm just thinking of things to releive stress...woohoo on the countdown to the wedding!


I can't believe how organized and on top of everything you are. I'm so, so impressed! And ditto everyone above about the weather. A lot can change. (And I forgot to comment on the shoe post, because you know I am ALL ABOUT the shoes, CL - I want to marry all his shoes, and those SM ones are cute cute CUTE!)


You really are well organized so it will all pay off and you'll have a fabulous wedding day:)

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