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November 02, 2007



I hear you about feed readers- I ADORE mine. Sometimes I like it because if people have something on their site that shows I've been there- I feel that I have to comment. If I read their stuff thru a feed, then I am not as compelled (except for special peeps like you and the other LD gals!)


I LOVE Twenty Something Bloggers. I've met a fantastic group of women through it (which includes you!).


These are so fun! :)


So here's my pickle - now that I know how Google Reader works.

Because I am not tech savvy, I sometimes post "test" versions of my posts - before I'm ready for them to be viewed by the general public - so I can see how photos line up or text looks or whatever. (Typepad's "preview" function is worthless - the typeface and font do not resemble what I've chosen, and the width is different than in my actual blog - so it's impossible to judge layout without seeing it live.)

So I do a test post, make my edits, then repost. Sometimes I do this, even if I'm not planning to post for a couple of days. (i.e. with Nablopomo I'm scheduling ahead a few days' worth of posts because I know I have a rough work week).

Is Google Reader picking up my crappy posts that exist publicly for only 5 minutes?

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