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November 16, 2007


Girl, Dislocated

I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post, but I'll say it here: You're totally entitled to talk about your wedding! And the fact that the day is very far off for me isn't stopping me from reading or from taking notes!


I am in total agreement with you on the ring bearer pillow. My mom actually made mine. Super simple. She stuffed a little pillow and then we used an old old hankie of my great grandmother's and another one of my grandfather's to cover it with. Then she just used a piece of ribon and very lightly stitched it to the pillow. The hankies were their fancy ones that were for special occasions and it was just a sweet touch to know that they belonged to someone important in my life.

Ahhhhh. Weddings, what fun!


Hey you are not throwing the bouquet?

Sorry, I haven't been to many weddings, can't you tell? ;-)


Some of those ring bearer pillows are gorgeous! Hopefully she's still in business when I get married...whenever on earth that will be!

And that Flowers into Paintings site is amazing. I took a look around and her work is stunning! I think that's such a good idea!

TGIF! Happy packing and safe travels!


I wish I had known about the Flowers to Paintings before my wedding. I ditched my bouquet (no clutter rules in full force) but the flowers were my favorite thing about the wedding. Mayhaps I can get some more and send them to her. Hmmmmmmm.


Honey, I wish I would have thought about this long before, but I could have made your ring bearer pillow (free, even!) I've made them for several friends and really enjoy doing it.

Shoot. Darn. Shoot.

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