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November 09, 2007



Ok, the first ones remind me of neopolitan ice cream -- and that's a good thing! I love 'em. Before I scrolled down, I wondered if you were also a Loboutin fan -- and sure enough, there they were. I'm seriously wanting a pair, but that's all I'll ever do is want 'em.



Oh. I really, truly, love all of those shoes. And I would so veto furniture in favor of chausseur #1.

Or #2 for that matter.


Girlfriend, you're preaching to the choir on this. I LOVE all of those shoes and I usually love Steve Madden (although some of his shoes are a bit too young for me).

I can't believe how much shoes can cost. Especially when they're made from the same materials as knockoffs!

I can't ever bring myself to pay more than 100.00 (ok, maybe 150) on a pair of shoes. Sad, but true.


Those heels look like weapons, but I love the cabinet :p


You made my day with the Schrute bucks comment.


I LOVE World Market! Happy persuading! :)


I feel you with the huge TV in the living room. I'm going to have to do a post about the huge TV in our living room that Ace got for cheap from his old roommate. It's this 4 foot by 3 foot black monstrosity with big black speakers all around the room.

I was lobbying to turn our upstairs office into the "media room" just to get it out of there, but nobody can lift it up the stairs.


those shoes are making me drool....

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