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November 01, 2007



Oh yeah, when you say NaBloPoMo a lot it DOES sound weird.

Because it was totally a normal word before.


Happy National Blog Posting Month! :D Also, YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED THIS MONTH!!! (Insert lots of girly squeeing here.)

Girl, Dislocated

Some of our reasons for blogging are the same. . . except your idea of a "hiatus" is my idea of a productive blogging month! Which is why I'll never do NaBloPoMo (what was wrong with just NBPM?), but I'm glad you and other bloggers in my circle are doing it--more entertainment for me! If they made a NaBloPoWe(ek), I might give it a shot. . .


I think it makes perfect sense -- it's like an online scrapbook of your wedding. Plus, it will help you to keep your sanity:)


Happy NaBloPoMo! And I agree about being able to look back and possibly my future children looking back on my blog. Oh yeah, and because I have a really horrible memory ;)

The Incubator

Please don't say 2 weeks --


Eek! You're almost there. Where did the time go?


I like my blog for the same reasons- especially just having something I can look back on to see what I was thinking during particular times in my life. It's really to go back and look over the past three years and think, "wow- I didn't remember anything about that". Shows how much I need to keep up a blog for memories I'd forget otherwise.

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