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November 15, 2007



I can't really help with the dogs or even the Seattle transit system, but I do think your shoes are super cute and would love talking to you about the church issue sometime. *hugs* Blog about whats on your mind - even if that means lots of wedding stuff! *hugs again*


I'd slip in those latter two, for sure on our hills, esp. when wet. Since we live in the same city, I can really relate to the issue of trying to be practical in our weather vs. stylish and even though I opt for the former, I look at some of the other women that look so cute and I wonder if I could pull it off. And then I realize what a wuss I am whenever my feet get wet...

No worries on the wedding talk - it's YOUR big day!


3 pairs of boots? You're my HERO.

Also: Did you get that gorgeous blue dress, already?

Fraulein N

I want that first pair of boots. Like waaaaaant them. Even though I just bought myself a pair of (rather cute) brown boots.


you people and your shoes


I couldn't walk in those last boots weather or no weather.

Talk about your wedding all you wish--it's your blog, and your day.

Valley Girl

Hey...your wedding is the thing that you've been dreaming about ever since you were a little girl, and it only comes (let's hope) once in your life. You talk about it all you want, girl!


OOOOH . . . those boots are CUTE! I love boots and sweaters. I hate cold weather, but I love boots and sweaters. Go figure.

BTW, I love the wedding talk. LOVE the wedding talk.


ok you've been having me drooling a lot over shoes lately. now i need to go buy a pair of boots!


I got a Nine West pair of boots last year, but the heel is thin as a pencil, and I'm afraid I'll break both of my legs if I try. LOL Worn them 2 since, but I so need a thicker heel. The third pair of yours look walkable! :-)

About your wedding, don't fret about being that girl. You are getting married!!! How many people can say that? ;-)


That first pair is begging for horsey-pants (what are those called? breeches?) and a big, belted sweater. Boy do they look comfy.


The boots I bought in brown and black (two pair) are just like the 9 west boots. I *LOVE* them. They are super comfortable and I have no problem walking up and down the hills in them because they have a bit of traction on the sole.

And I think I'd worry ridiculously about you if you DIDN'T talk so much about your wedding right now.

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