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November 03, 2007


Girl, Dislocated

Oh my goodness! I'm glad you're okay (relatively)! Is it time to throw out those shoes? Or at least hide them in the back of the closet until after the wedding?

Thanks for the warning, now I know not to move to Seattle!


Ok, I'm not laughing at you. Really, I'm not! I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too much!

Flashback for you...I was 17, my first 'real' job with a law firm. *First* day on the job. Delivering something in the middle of Sydney, slipped, fell on my face, mini skirt ripped right up the back. Had to go back to the office battered and half naked. I had to borrow a trench coat from one of the partners so I could ride the train home without getting arrested for public nudity. Fun times!


I'm not laughing at you either, but I have to admit I was laughing. Glad to hear you escaped your fall[s] with minor injuries and just a slightly bruised ego!

But hey, I don't know if I'm at one with my Birkenstocks, but I do love them very, very much! *sticks out tongue* Thbbbt!


Ohmygosh hahaha ok not funny but omg i can't believe you fell down the hill twice! That would soo be me so don't worry, if i ever end up in seattle i'll be joining you. Only i'd like like ROLL down the hill.

PS. LOVE jimmy johns! I wish they had it in ny but they do not :-(


I feel your pain. I fell OUT of a store once when I was wearing slick soled brand new 80s penny loafers. Look at it this way though....maybe it decreases the chance that you will do it again. You know twice in one day, maybe you reached you quota. :)


You POOR thing!!!! That sounds so awful.Falling is the worst. One time, I feel in a grocery store, I tripped over a plastic crate they left in the middle of the frozen food aisle. And ther ewere a TON of people around, including the idiot who left the plastic crate. UGH.

I hope you feel better soon!!


That brings back so many fond memories of the great klutz that is me. Hehehe. I'm sorry, love. I'm glad you're relatively unharmed. Hope you feel much better soon.

Fraulein N

Aw. I'm glad you're okay. Part of me thinks that fate's already done with you but maybe you're right to stay away from hills before the wedding. Just in case.


Oh how EMBARRASSING! I've done my share of butt plants in public and the embarrassment hurts far worse than the actual fall.

When I lived in the same city as my sister, we took the same bus, but were two stops apart. My sis, being the kind soul that she is, was laughing hysterically at me as I boarded the bus because I'd slipped on icy grass and landed on my butt. The whole bus was watching. I seriously wanted to wave the driver on- because I didn't want to walk down the aisle of shame.


I don't mean to keep laughing but I have to because this happens to me all the time, so I know what pain you've had to endure. It's why I'm truly afraid to wear any type of heel that is more than an inch and not chunky. And when it's wet, there are only certain ones I'll wear that have more traction. People don't realize how hilly Seattle is, but you're right in that I think it's much worse than San Francisco.


I have done the same thing!! I work on First Ave and Marion but always have to walk up to 3rd or 4th ave to run errands. I have fallen more than once, as you can tell by looking at my right knee--it is completely scarred from a fall last year that left my knee gushing!! So I have sympathy for you--I know where you are coming from!


LOL! I'm so sorry to be laughing, but that's absolutely friggin' hilarious. Not so much about the falling, but about the not wanting to fall between now and the wedding--I feel the EXACT. SAME. WAY. Good luck staying vertical for the next few weeks!!


Just 6 weeks ago I fell off the bow of our boat, just at the end of the vacation there in Lake Powell. I didn't realize that as you step off the bow and onto the pier that you actually push the boat away with the one foot still on the boat. That is what I did, temporarily doing a terrible version of splits and then I went straight down, scraping my whole left side, hip, ribs and elbow on the cement pier. And NO I didn't have my life jacket on at the time, we were going home. Of course there were LOTS of witnesses, and thankfully one paramedic who quickly checked me out, and some other kind person who got neosporin and a band aid for my elbow. I have been in pain for 6 weeks, trying to get over the giant bruise on my hip and the poor ribs. Elbow is healed, but the bone is still sore. Not a funny bone.
Sorry for your pain, I would throw those shoes away.

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