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November 12, 2007



Oh- I hope I don't have lunch plans tomorrow so we can get together (although I'm not very sure about this weather... the hair! The hair!)

Sounds like quite a day- but boy do you have lots of great things to look forward to, eh? (I'm not talking about lunch- tee hee)

Girl, Dislocated

Maybe this is just you getting your bad luck out of the way before the wedding. Like making sure you've met the monthly mishap quota way in advance!

I give you a lot of credit for working at all this week, even if your thoughts are elsewhere!


I so feel you on the is it Friday yet?!

Your countdown is really exciting, and for me it's a reminder that I'll be a year older. Closer and closer to the awesome 30's everybody is talking about. Not. ;-)

I can't wait to see the wedding pictures! You better not take a whole month to show lady. Sooo excited for you little soon to be married lady!



I bet they might have an extra keyboard for you, in case those numbers don't fix themselves. Sorry for the tights -- what a bummer. Now it's only 11 more days:)


After all that planning and prep, sometimes "real life" can be a let-down after the big day. Try to plan something special a couple weeks after your wedding/honeymoon. It made the post-wedding blues much more tolerable for me :) Congrats!

Fraulein N

It's sweet that you're looking forward to the day itself, and not in a somebody-smack-that-Bridezilla-DOWN kind of way. As long as you've got everything in perspective, and you clearly have, you might as well enjoy this day you've planned for so long to the fullest.


loved "Hey, Alanis? Would you consider that ironic?" made me laugh out loud.

Your big day is coming sooo soon! How exciting.

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