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November 30, 2007



Holy Shnikes. You look amazing. The whole dang thing is beautiful!


Wait, not the LSU stuff. I am a Volunteer alum, so I can't say that is pretty or nice.

JUST Kidding! Nothing like SEC football!


Your slide show is awesome -- you look stunning! I have to admit that the LSU shirts are the first ones that I've seen like that.


Wow. I'm seriously speechless! What a fantastic slideslow, and you just look so beautiful and happy! I only hope my own wedding turns out half as well!


I nearly cried during the slideshow - a little misty-eyed to say the least.
Now - don't age my "baby" - she's already getting too big! The precious little flower girl is 3 NOT 4:) Love you!


Oh my goodness, Shelley, you aren't alone!! Made me cry! The pictures in New Orleans are just ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Those photographers are just phenomenal! Gosh, that was such a fabulous wedding--you did an amazing job!! I hope you are very happy and proud of it, you should be!!! Love love love!


OK, you made me cry! Thankfully I'm telecommuting today (yes- I *am* working!). That was so wonderful to watch. Thank you! And it was nice to see pictures of your mom and dad! I feel like I know them!

You look so utterly lovely and happy. Oh- Colby too. ;)

We need a 'family' get together. I told s2's fiance (fiance!) that you have mad planning skillz.


Oh, WOW. Just Wow. That is an amazing slideshow. You must have gone all out on that photographer, those are some of the best wedding photos. Your dress was stunning and I love the flowers you chose. I love the shot that's from the back of you and your Dad going down the aisle. His face says it all. Looks like you really picked a gorgeous location for it too. Congrats! And I have to say, you managed to get hitched in great style--I expected nothing less!


okay, I know I said this on the last post, but I freaking love your hair!! I wish mine had been more like that.


Wow. Absolutely beautiful! You looked stunning! Your photographer rocks too, thats awesome they put that slideshow together.


AAAHHHHH!!! So gorgeous!!! Everything looks so perfect!

Just sniffling a little bit over here!


Wow, the slideshow is fantastic! Pictures 111 and 117 are my favorites. 121 makes me giggle because you guys look like you're waiting for a bus, a really fancy bus.

Did you really have to iron that gorgeous dress at home? I would have scorched it by mistake. That's really the prettiest wedding dress I've ever seen!


OH MY GOD! What an incredible video! I just can't get over the shots your photographer got -- and the New Orleans ones were absolutely incredible. You looked fabulous, I teared up when I saw the boys (MEN) in blue, and ... sniff ... I'm just a mess.


Congratulations! Your your wedding looks magnificent! Your husband had a nice touch with the groomsmens' shirts.


That slideshow is gorgeous! I especially love the shots of you and Colby dancing and the more artistic shots at the end - just plain wonderful!

Anonymous G

Oh how positively beautiful you are, Angela!
Your hair...your dress...your beautiful eyes...amazing!

I'm all choked up! The slideshow is a great way to share your special day with us. I feel a little bit like I was there.

Big sighhhhhhhhhh.....


Anonymous G

p.s. Don says "Congrats!"


Everyone,Everything looked BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Girl, Dislocated

I KNEW I was missing wedding posts and pictures while my laptop was dead and it was KILLING ME!

I don't even know where to start--everything looks perfect and fantabulous! You look stunning in that beautiful unique dress, the uniforms looked great, the colors of all the flowers and the bridesmaid dresses looked amazing, and your pictures are all perfect!!!!! Rain, Schmain!


I choked up a little,

Our girl got married! Reading about what happened before the wedding, I could never tell that on the pictures! You look stunningly beautiful, and happy! I am glad the actual day was fun and exciting.

And I too feel like I was actually there.



wow.. so many thoughts. 1) i'm so sorry you had to deal with that stress the day before the wedding... but i'm so happy it all worked out.
2) those.



I just watched it again and it really does look like a fairytale wedding! Made me SO glad that I was able to be there for everything :) You are beautiful and I love you!

The Incubator

I have to watch it at least once a day to "get my fix" -- The Old Warrior understandingly laughs -- sigh. . . . I need a hug from my daughter and new son.


definitely shed some tears watching that. you looked beautiful. i wish you guys the best! :)

Heather B.

You look amazing. Congratulations once again.


Wow that photographer is incredible! A storybook wedding captured wonderfully!

Valley Girl

Can I just say, I love your url? I get the "Kate Scarlett" reference. =)


How gorgeous are you??? Congratulations, what a spectacular day! :-)

Where was your venue?


You look beautiful in the pics! Congrats!

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