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November 19, 2007



Congrats on your macbook! It's super fun, isn't it?


macs rule! you will LOVE it.


I may be the last PC user on earth. Have fun!

I want me some triple chocolate cheesecake.


I'm a PC user too, it's okay you aren't alone Michelle.

And glad you salvaged most of your wedding stuff, my computer crashed once and I cried because of what I almost lost (luckily most of it was saveable, but I freaked out first of course)


I think I would've had a fit if I were you!

Last night, Dave admitted that he went to the mall without me and bought a macbook on Saturday night. (He was supposed to be studying!)

Which reminds me, I need a mac compatible external hard drive... I don't know what I did to mine (used to have a Windows laptop), but it won't let me write to it.

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