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October 19, 2007



Yeah, you are. At first you'll be all excited and "WOOHOO, I have my life back! Wheeeee!", but I'm thinking after that you'll spend a couple of weeks with a nagging feeling that you have something that needs to be done RIGHT NOW, even though you don't. At least, that's what I would do, I think.


Do you realize that when you go to the Clerk's office for your marriage license, I'll be five floors up from you? Is that so cool? If there is any running around, questions, anything you need from them beforehand -- let me know. I simply have to get on the elevator and I'm there.

Frames? Hobby Lobby or Michael's, right here in B.R.. Great prices, great frames, and there's usually a 50% off coupon in the paper for them. I'll watch for them for you.

Anything else? Let me know. Seriously!


P.S. E-mail me. I know where you can get a copy of the birth certificate once you get into town. And they let you wait on it.


It's really stressful, I know - but the good news is that when it comes down to it on your wedding day - it's all about you and Colby. The rest won't matter at all.


Wooohooo it's almost here!

Good for you, but not for me. I'll be a year older. *ugh*

hehe :-)


Girrrrllll--I feel you. I just checked the license requirements for our state, and I don't even know if I have everything, let alone D, my naturalized fiance. Nightmare!


I think the fact that you even have this list means you have yourself together than most people. I know it doesn't seem like it will, but I'm sure it will come together by the 24th. WIth the RSVPs, you'll probably get most of the week after your deadline, unfortunately.


Eek, it all sounds so complicated! It must be so hard planning your wedding half way across the country, but if anyone can do it, you can! Hey, the AF even paid you to plan parties, you're a pro! I can't wait to see the pictures!
BTW, I LOVE Hobby Lobby, the nearest one up here is over an hour away. That is the only thing I miss about AR.


Hey, the hardest part about the arch is getting the swords. Honestly, it's not that hard to execute. Takes only about an hour to learn to do perfectly, guys love to put on their dress uniforms (usually change for the reception) and it's more fun when you know who's smacking you on the butt. (Welcome back to the Air Force! HAHAHAHAH!)

I have some friends who had to borrow swords from the local NROTC unit because we were all in Va Beach and they were getting married in Michigan. As a backup, I had some friends stationed in the area who were willing to loan me their swords as a favor. (My sword has been in more weddings than I have. Long story.) In other words, are any of your friends USAFA types stationed nearby? They might be able to scrounge up some sabers for you.


first of all you are so on top of it because you have a list in the first place! frames should be an easy thing to pick up last minute. i wouldn't even worry about it. and people always rsvp at the last minute for everything. so annoying.


Just remember that no matter what happens--it will be beautiful and fun. And you will be married. Did you sign someone up to be your bitch for the day? (and I mean that in the nicest possible sense of the word. You need someone whose only job is to make your life easier.)

Girl, Dislocated

I'm so excited for you! And I have to agree with what L said about your list!


I think that having wedding photos of your parents and grandparents is a fantastic idea! I don't know what is so hard about sending in the little card, either. I didn't have that problem (we eloped!) but my parents were frantically calling people the week before the wedding to find out who was coming. And then to add to the fun, my sister's MIL told people they could just add extra people to their RSVP and write that "Mary said it was OK." It was NOT ok.

You're really on top of things so I'm sure everything will be fine. At the end of the day, you'll be married and that's the most important thing.


I agree with Sophie. You need someone to run interference for the day and freak out at people on your behalf, so you can stay composed, and beautiful. :)


Ooh, um? When you're going through planning withdrawal? You can totally come plan my wedding, because even thinking about it makes me want to hyperventilate. May 17. Plenty of time, right?


This, my dear little friend, is why I had BJ plan the wedding. Of course, being the second marriage for both of us- it wasn't nearly the event of yours. That would have dern-near killed me.

Oh- and the envelope is in the mail. Hint taken. ;)


That RSVP thing is really bugging me, too. I hope you can delegate that checkup phone call job - maybe that'd be less embarrassing for everybody. I hope you take everybody up on their offers of help!

Wow, I would have no idea how or where to get my birth certificate. I wonder if the hospital keeps copies.

Erica Gibson

Geaux Tigers! I got married in Baton Rouge and when I went to get my marriage license they gave me a little bag of goodies like you used to get in the LSU bookstore at the beginning of the semester. Things like deodorant and laundry detergent - you know so you smell fresh and clean on your wedding day.

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