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October 23, 2007



I saw those darling shoes at Macy's and considered them, but the heel wasn't high enough. I have this horrible need to wear super high heels. One day, my feet are going to rebel.

I love my Nokia N800 for all the reasons you love the iphone. I thought for sure I'd want an iphone when they came out, but nope.

Have you been to Ross yet? I LOVE it there because I can walk out with a big ol' bag of clothes for less than 100 bucks.


Oh, I have SERIOUS iPhone lust, and you are NOT helping. Plus, the advantage to getting an iPhone instead of, say, a Blackjack is that I *can't* check my work e-mail on the iPhone, which is the one thing stopping me from upgrading from my beloved Razr to a Blackjack.

Also, I'm totally going to check out those shoes. I've been pondering switching from flats to heels at work lately, in an effort to upgrade my general worky wardrobe (although I still dream of a job where I can get away with jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes), except the thought of spending my day in heels makes me want to cry. But if these are that good? I could totally work with that.


I've been desperately searching for some new black shoes for style AND comfort (so rare that you can capture both). Thanks for the tip!




How do you think those shoes would hold up on these downtown hills? The ones I have to climb up/down for the bus usually dictate my rather granny-like shoes.

Those outfits from Target are cute -- are they also sold in-store? I find that they do have some great options, but I think I'm somewhat limited until I can lose more weight:(


want iPhone, very jealous! I love that dress and those shoes. Not sure how much those shoes would like me though :D

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