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October 05, 2007



mmm Pumpkin Pancakes... *drool


I have one of those pens and they ARE a gift from god. However, they only get the drops of stuff I spill on myself, not the streaks of snot that the girl wipes on me. or the chewed up cookies. or.... well, you get the picture.

It sounds like a great trip!


You had me lmao with your ever-so-appropriate 'Pretend Sergeant Bitchface' -- such a perfect way to describe her!

I'm sad I missed tv marathons, rice pudding and the UN though! I can't believe we were right around the corner from that too! Did I ever tell you about the extremely frustrating encounter I had at the bus station? Because I almost missed my bus....but NYC was fun. Absolutely exhausting, but fun. I'm so glad I was able to come!

Princess extraoridinaire

I love those pens - they've saved my ass from humiliation..I am glad you all had a good time even if you were a bit tired..I likie the picture of you beautiful girls...what a great way to spend time in NYC..


Sounds like you had a fabulous adventure! I'm jealous, that show sounds awesome! :)


What a great time! I have added one of those pens to my purse as well. Good stuff!

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