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October 26, 2007



I've learned in six years of marriage that most men just don't see dirt the way women do. They don't care that their underwear is on the floor next to the basket instead of in it. They don't care that they can't use the sink because it's full of dirty dishes. My husband will just move the dishes out of the sink and onto the counter rather than put them in the dishwasher. Wipe the counters? Obviously, I'm crazy. Most of them just don't see the details. I don't know if it's a "mark the territory" thing or what.

Also, I'm a teeny bit jealous of my mom. My dad retired in June and now he does all the cooking, cleaning and laundry and has never been happier. I'm all, "Hey Dad, wanna come over?"


I'm pretty fortunate b/c Ted is the primary dish person in our place, but he figures it's a fair trade since I do most of the deep cleaning (floors, bathroom, etc.). He was kind of bad at dirtying every dish possible as he was cooking but I've kind of "taught" him to clean and put in the dishwasher as he goes, rather than piling them all up at the end.

We live in sin as well, and I prefer it this way so I kind of have a better idea of whether we can be compatible 24/7. So far, so good:)


I really liked this post! My husband and I went through/are going through a lot of the same stuff. And I totally agree with Jenn, we see "dirt" in the most opposite way possible.

I hope that your marriage changes things but not really. Know what I mean?

By the way - it's been almost two months for us and I STILL feel weird about living together--all those months of being afraid to tell people I was living in sin, and now it's okay! Whole adjustment to my frame of mind! Also, when you go on your honeymoon, it will be perfectly acceptable in everyone's eyes to check into the same hotel room! (I was always thinking - God, they must think I'm such a tramp...)

Girl, Dislocated

This was so funny! You guys sound so cute together, and you give me hope! :)

Fraulein N

This was a very sweet, very real post. I also live with a guy who turns into some kind of whirling dervish in his sleep. Seriously, making the bed should NOT be that much work. And he also does a half-assed cleaning of the kitchen.

Still, I think I'll keep him.


Aww, Ang, that made me tear up a little! Some days, I really look forward to moving n with D (house hunting next week!), but then I think of the times that I put on my face mask, eat ice cream, and watch chick flicks (I know, it's cliche) and I think that he'll wonder where his wife is and where this crazy woman came from. Le sigh, we'll see . . . but seriously, great post. Looking forward to NaBloPoMo!

princess extraordinaire

Loved this post as it's so ture - everything is about cmpromise....I am glad you two are living hapily in sin - lol


We have the exact same problem with the bed sheets. I love getting into bed right after the sheets have come out of the dryer, and they're crisp and tightly tucked in, and then the other half gets in and it looks like the Tazmanian Devil swept through the bed.


Oh, that is too funny... Dave's idea of doing the dishes is getting the plates. If there are pots and pans still on the stove from cooking, he just leaves them! He also has an annoying habit of only bringing in the laundry he wants right away, as opposed to the entire load. Haha, and he also puts his laundry on the floor in a pile next to the hamper, presumably to track what's at his house and what's here. (Pretty much all his clothes that fit are here.)


Hehe Ang, I completaly understand where you are coming from as I am pretty much in the same boat. It's interesting to point that I need to rinse and clean dishes before they are put in the dishwasher too. We learned that early on, that it's quicker if I just do it myself. Although he will pick up the vacuum and go to town with it. So I can't complain. :-)

I have to agree, that moving in together has made us more mature, and our relationship could not be better because of it.

Ohhh I can't wait to see the wedding pictures lady! I am so excited for you and Colby, and what a better day to get married. =)


Oh I *HATE* it when BJ cooks, because then I feel obliged to clean (well, I always clean, but that's beside the point.)

He makes SUCH a mess and uses more pans and utensils than he could possibly need. He also uses the same spoon to stir and taste, and then stir again!


OK- that's about all I can complain about, so I guess I'm lucky.

Oh- at least you admitted to your parents that you were 'living in sin'. I never did for fear of the 'talk'.

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