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October 18, 2007



Hahaha -- gotta love those little spreadsheets:)

I think you hit the jackpot with a cold and your period on the same day. I don't think Colby stood a chance, no matter what the topic was. But in all fairness, I think men have their own version of PMS and mood swings that WE have to watch out for!


Oh, wow, that sounds like kind of a sucky week. I totally understand about the wedding-related tears--I've shed a few myself! Actually, yesterday was a true pain in my behind, which I will update the world on in a few short hours. I hope that things look up for you for the weekend!!!

Anonymous G

I kind of like this bulleted post. So easy to catch up!!

Hoping you're feeling better by now. I am looking forward to hearing all your wedding news and seeing pictures of new shoes.


I fancy the bullets (not mullets) myself! Gah- I've been away so long! I have NINE posts to catch up on.

By the way, if you're my ex co-worker, Bubblehead, you truly WOULD believe that those spreadsheets will create themselves.

I'll try super hard to get lunch scheduled soon.

Your very bad friend,


My fiance had my engagement ring in the house for a whole WEEK and I wasn't even allowed to look at it, even though I picked it out. Now that's mean. Have a great weekend - hope the dogs are ok!


i can't believe they ate his glasses!! i have never heard of such a thing!

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