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October 12, 2007



Although I'd never listen to me for fashion advice, I love #3. I think it's a great color, not as bold as the others but I'm not really a jewel color girl, not that I'm wearing it but there you go. Cool. :)


Well, I told you my opinion already--but just to make it official here:

I like the bright blue one and the black one with the yellow sash


I like #3 the best, followed by #5.


#1, #1, #1!!! I think that color would look gorgeous with your complexion. And, it's bright. You need to stand out--you're the star, right?

Second choice, actually I like #2 too, for the way it is made and the blue is a great color for blondes too!

Can't wait to see what you end up with. Just looking at these makes me want to go buy a new dress!


I adore #1 and I quite enjoy #4 as well!! Great choices!


I love the style of dress #1, but that green may be a little much. and don't get me wrong, i LOVE LOVE green it seems like a rather bright green for fall.

my pick would be dress #3. Such a cute style and gorgeous color.

hope that helps :)


I pick #3!! No secret that I love purple, but for you it's the beading and the cute little shape that say you should wear it!


I love these posts! First off, I'd like to tell you that all your choices are awesome BUT there are a couple that I like the most. I love #1. The color is amazing, the cut will show off your shoulders and the bow is awesome. #5 is my favorite of the prints. It's a little less formal than #1 but the shape is really flattering. I'm loving both of them. I just have to comment though that green is soooo flattering on blondes. With soft pink cheeks and lips and smoky eyes.... yummy!!!

Fraulein N

You've got great taste, I'll say that much. I'd go with #1: I think it looks best with your coloring.


Ok, I wanted to wait to vote till you set up the poll that I sent you, but just in case you decide to not use it, I wanted to record my vote. I love #3 (for many reasons, the main one being the whole purple & gold thing on LSU-Ark. day), but I also LOVE #6. Now go set up the poll!


My favorite is #1, followed by #3, and then followed by #4! LOL

I'm no help, am I?

Whatever the dress, you will look gogeous of that I am sure. :-)

Ahhh so exciting, was thinking about you this past week and how soon your wedding will be. And hey, I can't forget it, as it's also my dreadful 26th birthday! Uggh

Heather B.

Anthropologie could make a burlap sack and I'd wear it. I love that place. If possible, I would marry it and have it's expensive yet oh so adorable and irresistible babies.


I voted for #3, because I adore everything about it, however I also really like #5 and #6 :) Good luck with your decision!


I'm thinking you want to pick one that contrasts with your wedding dress. sophisticated:girlish, sexy:demure, adorable:chic. Just to remind people that you can rock it BOTH ways.

I voted for the purple beaded and the black. The black is a standout eyecatcher - it's so original! But maybe you couldn't re-wear it too many times because it's so memorable. Is re-wearing an issue? Also, those ruffles on the bottom, which I just noticed, may not look nice in person.

The purple beaded gets strong marks from the Australian AND the West German judges. Pretty neckline, pretty backline, you can dress it up OR dress it down depending on accessorization and the beads make it rich looking. Plus, season appropriate!

You are one of the very few people who could carry off the green dress. Also, if it's a crowd, people will be able to spot you across the room. "Where's Ange--oh, never mind." I hesitate only because it doesn't look so great on the model - I think it would look better on you though. I think she has a shorter neck than you and the back makes her look like she has swimmers' shoulders. (Sorry, swimmers.)

The brown is less LOOK AT ME, I worry the bubble skirt will get dated quickly. But I really like it, you could wear it a lot.

Doesn't it depend on the restaurant a little? Some of these are definitely more formal than others.

Anonymous G

What fun!

I was going to vote for #3.....
but then I saw it!

That black dress with the yellow sash. Wow oh wow would that look SMASHING on you!!!


I voted for #3. Yay, we're leading! :D


Delurking to add my two bits. I like dress #2. I also love blue and it looks good on me. I think it would be a great choice.


I voted for #3, but #6 and #2 would also make a splash. Figured #6 looks like something you might already have (minus the sash), so I didn't vote for that one. #2 is also very pretty and the design is probably the most flattering, but I'm not feeling the blue as much as the purple.

The green of #1 is just too much if you're going for demure. It's a very demanding type dress, if that makes any sense.


Which one is cheapest?


I think #2 is far and away the awesomest color. And it's got a great neckline, and I love the straps. I think you'd look smokin' in it. But honestly, these are all fabulous choices, and you will look gorgeous in any of them.

I do need to tell you, though, there's a reason #4 is not getting any love.

It will be "so last year" in about four months. Bubble dresses had their day in the late eighties. And that is where they should stay.

princess extraordinaire

I love dress number 3 however I rocked the vote and happily discovered I'm in the majority!

Nap Queen

The first and last one are my favorites!! That green one is AWESOME. But then I saw polka dots, and well, now it's a tie. I'll pick polka dots every time!


I think you should go with a solid color dress. The patterned ones are way cute but will tend to look more dated as the years go on. And since you can probably expect to be photographed a lot - go for something simple.

They are all really pretty though!


I know the results are already in, but I'm late and I voted for #2 b/c I thought it would look great with your eyes. And you're not "hippy/thigh-y" at all!


Sorry. Bubble skirts/dresses shoulda stayed in the 80s. I like 2 and 3...definitely 3.




Personally I like #3, the purple & gold one. =)

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