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October 15, 2007



So glad the purple dress won! I'll be emailing you with a fashion dilemma of my own soon though -- also wedding related :p

By the way, I'm sick too! There has to be something going around...from coast to coast :( Hope you feel better soon! *hugs*


I know what you mean about the guilt factor. I've also found that hot pho soup is also really good on the throat (spiced up with some chili sauce). I hope you're feeling better soon!

As for the shoes to go with the dress, whatever's most comfy b/c you're going to be on your feet for hours!


Poor kid. I have a friend who swears by chips and salsa, as spicy as possible, to "kill the germs."

I second the "comfy shoes" comment, also b/c you don't want to start your wedding day with an unexpected blister!


yay that's the one i voted for :)

feel better soon!


That is a BEAUTIFUL dress.


Found you through Clink, and I have to chime in that I absolutely LOVE that dress! Feel better!


Yay! The purple one with the bling! Can't wait to see you in it!

Feel better soon.


I still love the blue one, too. DEFINITELY go get it. There WILL be an occasion to wear it. I, personally, found it to be a totally sound decision to buy TWO new dresses, one for the rehearsal and one for the rehearsal dinner. Had to spice up the pictures, you know?

And I hope you find some good soup, sorry to hear about the crud. Perhaps some light retail therapy (and some tea with honey) will help?


that dress will look FABulous on you! I agree, that this dress needs strappy shoes.

You always look great, no matter what you wear, and I'm super jealous of you. No worries, I won't let that come between our friendship. ;)

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