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September 18, 2007



That just reminded me. I have no idea where my sticky bra is. Need to get one before Christmas. :)


Go Colby! He sounds like a very good catch :)
I kept a word doc open my first month of work and wrote down the name, physical description, and job of everyone I met. It helped a little, I just had to make sure I didn't leave it up for people to see!


Wow, a man that will go out and buy a sticky bra without hesitation? Now, THAT'S a keeper!


I plan on testing D with tampons.

No, I'm kidding. Really.


Haha... why did I get an image of Colby with lacy panties on his head when you mentioned him in the lingerie department? I don't know... but it was very funny!

Good luck with learning peoples names! Lord knows it's a tough game to play!


Ever since I finished college, I have had a terrible time remembering names when I meet several people at once. It's as if I filled my brain and it can't take in any further information.


Colby.kicks.ass! Nice! I love a man who isn't afraid of his feminine side. I got one of them too!

It sounds like a fantastic week, especially the new job. Being appreciated is always a good thing, eventually you'll get everyone's name (it is kind of hard when they all look the same).. They only have one you to remember, you have 100 them to remember. It's tough!

Once you settle in, RG and you and I should meet for lunch. Sorry Anon G!


He builds walls and buys bras? No wonder you are marrying him!


How amazing that Colby went and bought you a sticky bra!

And get used to the compliments from the homeless guys - it never stops. I almost but don't really miss it from when I worked at the county, haha.

Okay, back to packing I go! xoxo


I'm in the same boat. I have 35 co-workers and remember about 5 names. They ALL know my name (of course they do- they all want to give me work to do!), but they're all "oh hey you!" to me.

I simply must get our lunch scheduled. I've been 'engaged' up until now, but think I might have a free day next week.

I'll have my peeps call your peeps. Really, I do want to hear all the details about your new job!


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