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August 23, 2007



This had me laughing and laughing. I am wiping tears from my eyes. Which started out as laughing-tears, but then turned into stinging-tears, because my laughing-tears melted the new wrinkle cream I'm wearing, causing my eyes to water even more, so now I need a hanky just to see. Boy, you're funny.


I don't know... I think this year, overall, seems much better than the last... yeah? Here's to the next one!


Congratulations! I don't even remember how I found your blog, but I've been reading it for a long time. I like reading about your wedding and setting up the house adventures. Big reader, also, and I enjoy hearing about what you're reading. Keep it coming!


Oh, I feel like such a jackass for not realizing it was your birthday yesterday and having just seen you the day before! I hope you had a nice day and hopefully you and Colby will have a nice celebration when he gets back home.


Happy Bloggy B-Day!!! :)

Oh, BTW... shoes are Colin Stuart (Victoria's Secret)



Happy Bloggy B-Day!!! :)

Oh, BTW... shoes are Colin Stuart (Victoria's Secret)



Happy blogervesary!!!


Yay for blogging birthdays!

Fraulein N

Happy Blogiversary!


Happy Blogging Birthday :) You are much more faithful to it than I am, haha


Happy 2nd birthday! I've enjoyed the last year. Keep 'em coming! ;)


Hey from Seattle.


Happy blog b-day! And thank you for spreading the "best procrastination tool ever" my way! It has been a crazy year, but this year is going to be awesome!
You still owe us pictures.

Anonymous G

Happy Bloggy Day! So glad you're here. I love to read you!

Sigh..wish I was there.


Happy Blog Day!

Looking forward to reading your wry and witty comments about the upcoming year!

Anonymous G

OSCAR de la RENTA!!!!!!!!!!

oh, it's too good!


Wow! Two years. You are my hero.

Also. Your wedding is over two months away and your programs are done. I am in awe. I will also pay you to do mine. (Not kidding.)

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