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July 02, 2007



I'm a little late, but CONGRATULATIONS on being published! I am so impressed. Truly. Do we, your loyal blog readers, get to read this work of fiction, someday?

Also... I think the bird dreams are due to Mr. Hitchcock, but tangled hair, in general, usually indicates confusion or uncertainty. (ie: can't see straight.) Next time you have one of those dreams, pay attention to if you've been particularly anxious or feeling uncertain about something. Just a thought, from your friendly, totally-unqualified, dream interpreter.


Prince William and I were born only a few days apart (same year!) and I always secretly felt like that gave us some special connection... sigh.

Also, if you are looking for good internet shopping deals, you should check out "want not" by Mir (I'm pretty sure it's it's awesome!


I have a weird habit of counting floor tiles in waiting rooms. We had a bird get into our fireplace once. It was scary. I had to shine a flashlight in his eyes then Mr. grabbed him. THankfully he knows things like that! :)


It kind of freaks me out looking at Prince William b/c he looks so much like his mother. I have a hard time finding the sizes that I need in stores, but admittedly, I can only buy shirts online b/c there's no consistency in how bottoms will fit me.


I bet you're a swing dancer, too.

I am completely with you on #4. But it works both ways - like, you discover you're good at something really, really minor, like cutting out a Shrinky-Dink or painting an Easter Egg (did you see the cute ones on The Girls Next Door?), and you're all, "Oh! Is this what I should be doing for a living?? Is this my CALLING?? DID I TAKE THE WRONG CAREER PATH??"

But I spent a year with the theme of doing things I sucked at, and it was a really enjoyable year. I backed off of perfectionism and actually I think people like you more when you're lousy at stuff because then they can be better than you.

I count when I pee.


If I wasn't married to BJ, I'd think you were very strange with that food texture thing. I've never heard of that before, but he's the same way.

Oh- and anything green, it seems. Won't touch it, unless it's salad.

You guys are strange! har!


Being from the south, I never understood this at all, but my very best girlfriend finds the texture of Iced Tea unbearable. HuH?

But I understand as I can't bear the texture of a tomato skin. You should check my cherry tomato peeling ability. I should be a surgeon.

Fraulein N

But iced tea doesn't have a texture! Wait, does it? Now I am going to worry about this.

And I'm totally on board with #4. Just today I was explaining to my mother all the things my brain "won't let me" comprehend: math, reading music, spatial relations. Stupid brain.

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