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July 24, 2007



I read the last book so quickly that I didn't notice any of the publishing errors! Then everyone got to chatting about it and so I went back - there sure were plenty! The book is so fabulous though that I don't mind one bit!


Girl, I'm with you. As much as I enjoy and have gotten used to being alone, it still sucks that I can't just see D every day. We're househunting right now, and it is TOUGH when not only can we not see the houses we're discussing, but we can only discuss them for a few minutes each day because we're so busy planning the wedding and, oh, right, having a relationship.

Fraulein N

Oh my gah, what is it with boys who must wreck the bed when they sleep in it? It was about 500 times easier to make the bed when it was just me in it.

Still, I know you'll be glad to have your guy back home. I imagine there's some kind of adjustment period immediately after he returns.


Oh my God I would kill him over the sheet thing.


Am I the only girl whose sheets are a complete mess upon waking up?

Anonymous G

Sheets, schmeets. You know you want him in them!!!

You're doing a great job, Ang! Just think, you have the rest of your lives together. SO much better than the days of the LDR and wondering.........

Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! I don't wanna miss the shower!! How can you go on without me????


I'm getting set up to do a LIVE internet shower.

Just posted my first video blog

Wish me luck! :)


Ha I like Colby, love to untuck the sheets on my end corner of the bed, love, love the free space to move as I darn please. Hehe And g-d forbid my feet get flattenned you know. ;-)

I hope you get some good quality time with the boy soon! You deserve it!



Obviously, I need a human spell/grammar checker before I post again! hehe


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