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June 29, 2007



I think that his gift idea is very thoughtful.


I would love a GPS from my husband for my birthday!!


In the movie, she probably said that she "needed a blender". Not that she "wanted a blender". I think there is a difference.


Yeah, I'd have agree with you. If you got the GPS for both of you it would have to be to celebrate a lame holiday, not a birthday or Christmas. And I don't even like gifts. There is just something about getting a GPS or blender vs. shoes, jewelry, etc. And in general I don't think gifts should be shared :)
Sorry to hear about the hair...the last time I cut my own bangs I think I was 8 or so. The visions of that are still burned in my mind. I learned young.


I would just like to point out that the comments from Cate, Jen, and Lisa are all fraudulent, and inform you that interestingly enough, all of their email addresses included the name "Colby" in some way, shape or form. Interesting, is it not!


My husband got himself a GPS for his birthday last year and we go geocaching with it. I like geocaching, but I surely would not want one for my birthday. (Sorry Cate, Jen and Lisa)(And Colby)

Oh! And congratulations on being published and paid! Maybe you can get hair extensions for your bangs now! ;)


That's AWESOME about being published, how fantastic! Congrats. Actually, not really surprised as your blog is really entertaining. :)

As for the GPS, well, it's a nice thought but I think I probably agree that birthday's are reserved for frivolous things that you wouldn't buy yourself. But his thought was very good! Don't toss him back!



The hair thing cracked me up. I did the same thing just last week. But my bangs were down to my chin and now they're just a tiny bit shorter BUT they won't fit in my freakin' ponytail anymore. ugh! I'm so stooopid. I even have the proper tools by the way. I bought some thinning sheers at Dollar Tree. Can you believe that? But my self haircuts are still crappy.

But seriously, watch out if you ever have kids. It transfers to them. I cut Kidlet's hair like crazy when she was a toddler. But I apparently did so well that I got tons of compliments...even from my high dollar hairdresser. She never had scraggly kid hair either. :)


LOL, I'd still get lost WITH a GPS!!!

Congrats on being published!

Anonymous G

As I was making my way through this post, I was thinking what a good read it was. I thought I'd leave a comment complimenting you on your amusing and entertaining style of writing.

And now you're getting PUBLISHED and PAID for it!?!

GO, Ang!

GO (and don't get lost with your GPS), Ang!


Congratulations on getting published and paid! I knew it was only a matter of time ;-)

And what exactly did to your hair, darling? Did you really chop your bangs? Oh dear...


Sorry about the bangs, but at least they will grow. No more self cutting before the wedding, okay?

Awesome news about the publishing!! Go you!!!


See, I don't think the problem is with the GPS idea. I think it was a problem of presentation.

What if Colby had put it in a pretty pink box full of rose petals, and a card that said, "I'd be lost without you!"?

Totally romantic.

A pre-birthday, "hey, how about we go halfsies on a practical mapping device"?

Not romantic.


Whoo-hoo! That's great on getting published! I love Reese's haircut as well, and since I'm currently growing mine out, I'm jealous at how celebs still always have fabulous grow-out 'dos. I wonder how much better I would look if I had access to a full-time hair stylist, make-up artist and personal trainer.


WOW WOW WOW! you got published! I'm SO proud of you!!!!!!!

Keep away from the scissors. I did that after the head bonking incident. My hair was bugging me (probably just a distraction from the jerking around, dontchaknow) and I cut like 6 inches off my hair.

Yes, yes I did. This is what lead to getting my hair cut super short.

The hairdresser said, WOW- you really went to town, didn't you?

Kinda embarrassing, but at least I have a good 'doo now!

And you're so right about the GPS not being a birthday present. Tell him that you're getting yourself a GPS for HIS birthday present because you know how happy it will make him to know that you'll never get lost again.


Oh my gosh! Congrats on being published! That's amazing! (And sorry I'm so behind on my blog reading/commenting. Sounds like you've been busy around there!)

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