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May 05, 2007



I'm sorry to laugh at your little patch of sod--but it just seems like something that would happen to me. Good luck with your test!

I completely understand about the travel. I finally learned how to pack in just a carry-on, then they come up with this.

Have a great trip!


Oh, that is TOTALLY something that would have happened to us. We're having enough trouble just getting grass seed to grow because someone (read: the dog) keeps ripping it up when he runs down the hill and skids to a stop. I swear, I'm going to snap some day and make it all astroturf. Hope you have a great trip!


I'm laughing with you not at you, I swear! The grass is cute, Ang, real cute :)

Thought I'm totally with you on the packing/flying thing. We're leaving for Texas in 3 weeks and while my mom is all hunky dory with her travel sized everything, I just can't make it work for me. Blast!


Those security controls are a waste of time for those products. I was at a comedy club in Chicago and they said "yeah, we're confiscating your lotion to protect your personal freedom." IT's just going too far.


Your patches of grass made me laugh! :)


I hate the hair gel terrorists, for they have also taken away the ability for you to assess the baggage check line (since you were an efficient little passenger and checked in and printed your boarding pass before ever leaving home) and decide it's too long so, whatever, you'll just carry your bag on anyway. Except, noooo, you can't, because you didn't pack everything into 3-oz baggie-friendly containers so instead you get to wait frantically as you realize you have 45 minutes to make your flight and there are still 400 people in line in front of you and sure, you'll probably make the plane but WILL YOUR BAGS?

Gah. Stupid hair gel terrorists.


hey, you know... depending on what kind of grass you picked, you can cut the trays of sod into strips or squares and plant them spaced out... they'll grow together in a few months (which will go by quickly) and you'll have a yard at about half the cost.


That grass is friggin hilarious. I love how the pictures make it look like Colby's just getting started, and then, oops, The End.

I think Mandy's right - do it like hair plugs.

And you could put something along the border, something to climb the fence maybe, for visual interest. That'll free up a foot of sod right there.

Compost heap. Put a pile of garbage out there, that'll cover some more ground.

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